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DTHS 2014 Homecoming Royalty

Dwight Township High School held its Homecoming Dance Saturday, September 27 in the Kresl Memorial Gymnasium at the high school. Members of the court seated: Kate Hogan and Kapri Krople. Standing, left to right, Morgan Fritz, Brooklyn Long, Ryan Beier, King Ryan Gaston, Queen Ashley Fox, Dalton Hagi, Molly Snyder, Jace Kennedy, Isavel Lopez and Jason Fox. At left, the King and Queen. ShaylaLoring Photography

mrs. we are not alone book writer

Dwight Mother and Wife Publishes a Book

Many residents in Dwight who know Vereoliane Mukagatanazi describe her as a very devoted wife and loving mother and now they can add published author to her list of attributes.

You are not alone: a Rwandan Memoir is Mukagatanazi’s first published work and it depicts the Rwandan Genocide from her very own eyes.

The Memoir was a suggestion from Mukagatanazi’s family therapist, Dr. Marguerite Steifbold, hearing pieces of the story during the counseling sessions, she knew it was one that needed to be shared.

Mukagatanazi agreed and began writing her experience. “I believe there is a very good reason why my story happened the way it did, how I survived the Rwandan Genocide that killed hundreds of thousands of people in 1994,” stated Mukagatanazi. “Even though English is not my first language I had no problem penning the words.”

The book will be released very soon.



From Sea to Shining Sea…     Peddling from Portland (OR) to Portland (ME)

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Two members of “The Terrible Trio” stopped in Pfaff’s Bakery the morning of Saturday, August 2. Neal Thomas, an attorney from Tempe, AZ and Mike Kirk, a retired aerospace engineer from Phoenix, AZ, talked with local residents about their travels. The third member of their group is Roger Simmons, also from Arizona, who was unable to participate due to health issues. The trip began in Portland, Oregon, where their bikes had been shipped from Arizona. After a four day checkout of the equipment, they rode to the coast to dip the rear wheels of their bikes in the Pacific Ocean. The trip will end when they dip the front wheels in the Atlantic Ocean, at Bar Harbour in Portland, Maine. The excursion will cover approximately 5,000 miles. It started on May 29th and will end in mid-September. As of Dwight, they have clocked approximately 3,500 miles. The men use bicycle maps to plan the route but often “wing it” to visit small towns that would be bypassed. Most nights are spent in the tents packed on their bikes but they do get invites to stay with people they meet. A mix- up with lodging plans for Friday night resulted in camping out near the edge of Dwight. As they traveled out West, the long stretches of emptiness were compensated by the friendliness of the people they’ve met in “small town America.” As Neal put it: “The Midwest way of life is real.” When designing their “card”, they originally wanted an image featuring the American flag. Instead they found the picture of a long, straight, two-lane road between vast fields of wheat which appears on their card. Neal explained it symbolizes their trip on “the road to everywhere and nowhere at the same time.” When the trip has ended they may throw their bikes into the Atlantic Ocean and they promised to Email a picture to The Paper if they do. You can follow their adventure at










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