Dwight Village Board of Trustees Recap for August 28, 2023

Present at the meeting: Trustees Randy Irvin, Marla Kinkade, Jenny Johnson, and Brian Berta.

Absent: Trustees Pete Meister and Justin Eggenberger.

Others present: Mayor Paul Johnson, Village Administrator Crissy Livingston, and Village Attorney Nick Ehrgott.

New Dwight Police officers, Tyler Calhoun and Julia Santiago, were sworn in by Village Clerk Whitney Scott.

Left to right: Julia Santiago; Chief of Police Mike Nolan; and Tyler Calhoun.


  • Payment of August 28, 2023, Bills to the Amount of $65,453.36 
    • Approved by  Board
  • Treasurer’s Report June
    • Approved by  Board
  • Fund Transfers:  (All Approved by Board)
    1. $8,978.75 from the Referendum Fund (36) to the Referendum Bond fund (47) for paying interest on bond payment.
    2. $26,586.25 from the Water Fund (51) to the Water Bond Fund (41) for bond payment.
    3. $91,666.67 from the General Fund (01) to Capital Expenditures (38) for parks.
      • This fund has not been expended. It originated from a donation from the Pattern Wind Farm and is hoped to be used in upgrades to Village Parks.
    4. $89,523.05 from the General Fund (01) to Capital Expenditure (38) for fund reconciliation



Paul Ducat, Chebanse, introduced himself to the Board, indicating his intent to run for the office of Senator of the 53rd District in Illinois. Senator Thomas M. Bennett has recently made the decision to retire after this current term.

Paul Ducat, Candidate for Senate of the 53rd District of Illinois

Randy Irvin, representing the Dwight Economic Alliance, reported a new-business ribbon-cutting had been held prior to the meeting at Prospect Fitness, 106 Watters Drive, Dwight. He added, that plans are being finalized for Dwight Harvest Days coming up on September 21 – 24.


Mayor Paul Johnson informed the Board that the Village and GLCEDC have been in discussions with a used car business which plans to move into the Dempsey property on Watters Drive in Dwight. Further discussions and details on incentives will be resolved in the next few weeks.

Also, the Village and representatives of Phoenix Investors will be talking regarding potential TIF (Tax Increment Financing) options.

Mayor Johnson added that the Fire Department had recently been awarded a $300,000 Staffing For Adequate Fire And Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant from FEMA. The Mayor pointed out a strong fire department is critical to new business developers.


Village Administrator Crissy Livingston told the Board the old Arby’s building had been demolished in preparation for the new Casey’s truck stop. Casey’s management had set a target of having the facility constructed by the end of the year, but recent developments may delay the opening into the first quarter of 2024. A decision has not been made by the convenience store company on whether the current structure at 311 N. Union would be demolished or sold once the fuel tanks were removed.

Livingston also brought to the Board, a request from an individual to use the old train depot for a wedding ceremony that could include up to 120 attendees. The Board discussed safety and liability concerns along with similar previous requests and, since the property is leased to the Dwight Historical Society, it was decided to defer the decision to them.

Filling in for EMS Director Michael Callahan, Livingston reported that Ambulance 1824 was once again in the shop. She added that ambulance crews would be onsite at all Dwight High School Varsity and JV games, unless needed on active calls.

Chief of Police Mike Nolan told the Board that the two new officers sworn in prior to the meeting, Tyler Calhoun and Julia Santiago, would begin  a 12-week field training program, after which they would be assigned to shadow an officer currently on the force.

Director of Public Works Cory Scoles reported that construction on William Street is progressing and that the playground equipment for Lions Lake has arrived. It will be installed as time allows.



  • Augst 28th, 2023 Public Properties / Utility Committee
    • Approve Renfrew Park
      • The west bathroom unit at Renfrew Park will be upgraded at a cost of $8,215.86.
    • Approve Utility bill exhibit
      • A “Red Tag” letter was approved to be sent out for past due water bills. Accounts will be “Red Tagged” on September 1 and service will be terminated on September 6 if no arrangements have been made for payment. There is currently $55,000 past due for current accounts and $44,000 past due for closed accounts. Monthly water bills will go out a few days late to avoid past due customers receiving duplicate bills.
  • August 28th, 2023, Ordinance Committee
    • Ordinance 1500 Parking Rules – William St.
      • William Street parking rules were passed to allow parking on North side of street  to align with parking rules on other streets.
    • Ordinance 1501 Parking Rules – Lincoln St.
      • South Lincoln Street parking rules were approved to prohibit (updated 8/30) parking on both East and West sides of street from William Street south to the dead end.
    • Ordinance 1502 Chapter 22 Article II amend curb cut.
      • An updated ordinance regarding curb cuts was approved to ad the following section:
        ADD The curb cut fee for a new residential home that accesses the driveway to the main house
        will be waived during the building permit application. Any additional curb cuts will be subject to the
        curb cut fee and approval.
    • Ordinance 1503 EEO
      • An updated Equal Opportunity Employment Ordinance was passed.
    • Ordinance 1504 Fair Housing  
      • An updated Equal Opportunity and Fair Housing Ordinance was passed.
    • Approve Exhibits


  • Resolution No. 2023-16 Harvest Days Parade
    • A resolution for the parade route and street closures was approved.
  • Resolution No. 2023-17 NCICG / OSLAD
    • A resolution in favor of entering into an agreement with North Central Illinois Council of Governments to submit an OSLAD grant was approved.
  • Resolution No. 2023-18 Bank Authority
    • A resolution updating Bank Authority signees was passed.
  • Resolution No. 2023-19 Anti-Displacement
    • A resolution stating that the proposed OSLAD Grant will not create any residential displacement was passed.


  • Approve 2023 Financial Audit
    • The 2023 Financial Audit was approved.
  • Sidewalk pay requests
    • Reimbursement for sidewalk repair was approved for Tom Tock and Gerald Reidl.


  • Approve two-year contract for Mack and Associates
    • A two-year contract was approved.
  • Approve Dwight Comprehensive Plan
    • A Dwight Comprehensive Plan was approved.

The next Dwight Village Board Meeting will be Monday, September 11.