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I Need to Know What?

I just graduated college, as mentioned in previous columns. That means I took and earned 120 college level credits. That was enough to earn me a bachelor’s degree. I know a fair amount about a very small sector of all…

The Return

I went to my first Cubs game of the year the other day, and I was able to walk there and back. Chicago is finally starting to feel like home. I also went to Whole Foods and it took me…

The Comfort Zone

As aforementioned in previous columns, I recently made the move to Chicago Illinois. There are a lot of things that come along with the move to a new area, or a new city, and one of them for me was…


I’m a freshman again, but a real life one this time. I’ve spent one day in Chicago and I’ve already made the mistake of walking way too far to a place and had to pay to Uber back, because there’s no way I was about to do a 40 minute walk twice. It’s a very similar feeling to that of being a freshman in college. It’s a really weird, surreal feeling. Everything is new again and I have to start over in a sense. College this time is the job, and the people who are employing me are my professors, and the final grade is me keeping my job. I think it’s also the same in that a lot is going to change from the time I’m 22 to 26. I’m going to go from never having a full year of employment to 4 years of it. I think the thing that I’m going to love the most are all the different and new restaurants. That was arguably my favorite part of Bloomington-Normal as well, so I’m glad that I’m continuing on to a place that has great food, and a good variety of it as well. If anyone has any recommendations for places to try in Chicago I would be open to trying them. Another plus up here is this time instead of a Division 1 college team I get to step into a city rooting for some of the best professional teams in the business. It’s nice to get another 4 year look back on life and seeing what you did well, and seeing what you need to improve on and making the next 4 that much better than the previous. Aaron Boma DTHS and ISU Graduate

The Cubs

I said I was done, but maybe I’ll do a few more, I’m a pretty indecisive person, so it was probably kind of dumb to say that I was done for good, so I guess I’ll do a few more…

Last Column?

This might be my last column ever, it remains undecided if I will continue to do these after I graduate from college, which is coincidentally this week. I did it! I’m going to graduate from college, and earn a degree…




The very unfortunate passing of the musician Prince happened last week and his death took hold of everything media-wise and really brought it to a halt to look back and celebrate his life. There have been a few really notable celebrities who have passed this year, the other most notable being David Bowie, and it’s interesting to see how each passing of an icon is handled differently.

Even looking back just a few years ago with the passing of Michael Jackson, who is arguably the single biggest performer of all time, was handled differently. At the time Michael passed away he was on every TV channel a lot, but this was before social media had really taken off, so there wasn’t as much talk of him during that time on those platforms.

If you compare that to the recent deaths of Bowie and Prince I think a lot of the conversation of these two has moved to Facebook, Twitter, and forums, allowing fans of these artists to come together and share memories, or favorite songs from the artist. This is a thing that hasn’t always been around. It allows for the full celebration of an artist who has affected so many in a positive manner with their music.

It could just be the outlets and everything that I follow, but I felt like he was everywhere in my media feeds, and on TV over the last week or so. It’s a good thing. It’s nice that these artists can get a proper send off, and it’s easier than ever for people who connected with them to connect with each other over the mutual interest of their music.

Aaron Boma DTHS Graduate and ISU Senior

Boston Marathon

Today I came across a story about a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing that took place a few years ago. The person being talked about now has a prosthesis (leg) and decided to run the race this year, and…


Newspapers are the best place to work, it’s been decided. I’ve basically spent the last 8 years of my life at least somewhat involved with the day to day operations of a newspaper and there’s nothing else quite like it.…

Just another day

I’ve never really felt old until today when my mom was asking me what I wanted for my birthday. I gave my usual answer of I don’t really need anything, (except some new contacts so I can see and stuff).…