The Dwight Village Board of Trustees met Monday June 24 in the Public Services Complex.

Trustees in attendance were Josh Jahn, Marla Kinkade, Jenny Johnson, and Brian Berta. Absent were Pete Meister and Justin Eggenberger.

Also at the meeting were Village Attorney Nick Ehrgott, Village Administrator Crissy Livingston, Village Clerk Whitney Scott, and Village President Paul Johnson.

Lauri Pope from Mack & Associates Auditing reviewed the Fiscal Year 2024 Audit their firm had prepared. The report was issued as unmodified and clean with no findings.

The following Consent Agenda items were approved:

    1. Payments of bills $77,975.12
    2. Minutes of the June 10th, 2024, Village Board Meeting
    3. The April 2024 Treasurer’s Report.
    4. The Mack & Associates Auditing invoice for $12,500.00.
    5. The Snap On Tool invoices for $62,659.08 (insurance reimbursable).
    6. The Martin Equipment $14,500.00 concrete hammer attachment (insurance reimbursable).

No one spoke in Public Forum.


Village Administrator Crissy Livingston reported:

  1. Two Public Works’ trucks have been received and Village markings would soon be added.
  2. The Renfrew Park parking lot is nearing completion including the brick garbage dumpster enclosure.

Chief of Police Mike Nolan reported:

  1. The newest recruits are starting week eight at the Training Academy.
  2. Field training for the most recent two Academy graduates is entering week nine.
  3. The Department will be transitioning within Livingston County to E-Tickets within about 6 months.

Director of Public Works Cory Scoles reported:

  1. The downtown water tower refurbishing continued despite the recent high temperatures. The outside painting on this tower will be the first to include the new Village of Dwight emblem.
  2. Power has been installed at the auxiliary building at the Public Works site.
  3. Lions Lake was recently “shocked” to get a survey of fish contained in the lake. He added the grounds at the Lake have been well maintained this summer by the Lions Club.



Ordinance, Judicial, and Licensing

  1. Ordinance 1518 was approved with an amendment to Chapter 3: Article III Sidewalk, adding verbiage on curb replacement.
  2. Ordinance 1520 was deferred to a later date regarding an amendment to Chapter 13: Article I Section 13.115 Prohibited Animals and the Keeping of Chickens Ordinance.



  1. Solicitors Permit request (3) – LGCY  
    1. This request was tabled pending background checks and review of Village ordinances. The Village Board has been advised that it is a constitutional right for solicitors to be allowed the ability to canvas door-to-door, provided they meet reasonable guidelines established by Village ordinance. If a resident does not wish to allow solicitors on their property they should prominently display a “No Solicitors Invited” sign near their main entrance.
  2. Approve quote for Stor-Loc $13,000
    1. This quote for a tool storage unit was approved pending insurance approval.
  3. Approve pricing summary quote from Motorola for body cameras and in car systems.
    1. Chief of Police Mike Nolan recapped the pricing from Motorola for a body-cam system and it was approved. He indicated that $45,000 had been budgeted for the State mandated body-cam program, but the Motorola pricing would come significantly under that.

There was no motion to go to Executive Session and the Board adjourned.