Morris Hospital Foundation Offers Healthcare Scholarships

March 4, 2024, MORRIS, IL – The Morris Hospital Foundation is offering scholarships to students who are pursuing an education in healthcare. The scholarships are intended to encourage education in any health-related course of study while enhancing the availability of healthcare providers in the local community.

The $1,000 Carol Harrington Endowed Morris Hospital Foundation Scholarship and the $1,000 Relucio Family Healthcare Scholarship will each be awarded to a student who is pursuing an undergraduate education in a healthcare related field. Applicants must be accepted into, or currently enrolled in, a hospital-related health care curriculum at an accredited college, university or vocational/technical school and reside in one of the zip codes within Morris Hospital’s service area, which include: 60407, 60408, 60410, 60416, 60420, 60424, 60437, 60444, 60447, 60450, 60470, 60474, 60479, 60481, 60541, 61341, 61350, and 61360.

The Betty J. Sterritt Endowed Fund for Nursing Scholarship awards up to $4,000 over a two-year period to a student who currently resides in or is from Grundy County, is currently enrolled in coursework leading to a nursing degree, and intends to serve as a nurse at a healthcare facility in Grundy County after their education is completed.