The Dwight Village Board of Trustees met Monday February 26.

Trustees present were Pete Meister, Marla Kinkade, Jenny Johnson, and Brian Berta. Absent were Randy Irvin and Justin Eggenberger.

Also in attendance were Village Administrator Crissy Livingston, Village Attorney Nick Ehrgott, Village Clerk Whitney Scott, and Village President Paul Johnson.


  • Payments of February 26 for bills for $82,539.00 were approved.
  • The Treasurer’s Report for December 2023 was approved

Public Forum

  • Jim Posey from Republic Services addressed the Board expressing thanks for their continued business partnership.

Department Reports

  • Village Administrator Crissy Livingston reported that the insurance recovery process regarding the Village Complex fire is moving forward, but slower than expected.
  • Director of Public Works Cory Scoles reported that upgrades to the west bathrooms at Renfrew Park are progressing. He added that leaf and stick pick-up will begin on April 1 along with park openings.
  • Chief of Police Mike Nolan informed the Board that the recent fire death incident at Love’s Truck Stop is being investigated by State Fire Marshals Office, the Grundy County Coroner’s Office, along with the Dwight Police Department. He added his Department had assisted the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department in another incident in apprehending an offender hiding in an attic. There also was an incident where a subject refused to stop for an officer and was eventually arrested on drug charges and other felonies. He concluded by adding mental health calls continue to be on the rise and are a major concern for his department.

Ordinances and Resolutions

  • Resolution 2024-05 authorizing the execution of a Letter of Agreement with the Village of New Lenox was approved. The Village of Dwight will be purchasing some equipment from the Village of New Lennox.
    • The vehicles below are part of this agreement
      • 2017 Ford F250 4X4 with Liftgate – 1FD7X2B67HEE34174 – $30,000
      • 2015 Ford F250 4X4 with Plow – 1FDSF2B60FEB54722  – $25,000
      • 2013 Ford F550 4X4 with Plow – 1FDUF5HY0DEA05050  – $40,000
      • 2013 Ford F150 with Liftgate – 1FTMF1CM2DFD04468 – $12,000

Committee Meetings

  • Ordinance 1517 was amended in Section 4: 9.306 to read as follows:
        • A penalty of (10%) shall be added to all bills not paid within five days after the bill are are due by the due date date.
  • Ordinance 1517 was amended in Section 4: 9.306 to add as follows:
        • A $25 fee shall be added to any water statement that remains unpaid for a period of 14 days after the due date and a red tag is issued or default of payment arrangement that incurs a red tag.
  • The two ordinance revisions/additions will become effective March 1, 2024.
    • There were 1632 water bills sent out for January. Those bills resulted in 146 Red Tags. The number of Red Tags is trending down with 192 in October and 159 in December. 
  • Monies were approved to proceed with the Water Treatment Plant chemical additions dealing with the high arsenic levels.

New Business

  • A Fiber Optic presentation was given by MCC Network Services, LLC d/b/a Conxxus
  • A Fiber Optic presentation was given by SURF
  • Road closures were approved for 2024 Harvest Days (The tent for the main stage will be put up Thursday rather than Wednesday)
  • Golf cart usage on Village streets by the Harvest Days Committee was approved.
  • A request by the Dwight Police Department to place a display on the lawn of the Public Services Complex promoting the prevention of child abuse was approved.
  • Purchase  of (2) 2024 2500 Tradesman Reg Cab 4×4 from Heller Motors at $44,718 each was approved.
  • Purchase (1) 2024 F550 4×4 Chassis Cab from Heller Motors at $56,564.76 was approved.
  • Outfitting for 2024 F550 Chasis from Holt & Sons at $39,054.84 was approved.

The Board moved into executive session.

The next regular Dwight Village Board Meeting will be March11.