Gardner Village Board Recap – January 22, 2024

by Don Phillips

Gardner Village Board met in regular session Monday evening and opened with the approval of the minutes of the January 8, 2024 meeting and payment of the bills.  During public comment, the Board was asked about the status of the village website, which has not progressed since the prior meeting.  The Board was asked about the damage to mailboxes and lights along south Jackson St. during the recent snowfall and plowing.  Mayor Serena commented the Village believes the weight of the snow being plowed caused the damage, rather then the plow itself striking the damaged objects.  Serena also commented any damage caused by the plows would be reimbursed by the Village.

The Board set dates for the All-town Garage sale for the weekend of June 8-9 and All-town Cleanup the following Monday, June 10.

The Board discussed the proposals for the new signs at the West Main Street and East Route 53 entry points to the Village.  Ray Grossi of Midwest Signworks was in attendance to answer questions.  Grossi showed several material options.  Grossi noted 75-80% of welcome signs are cedar.  He also commented he prefers paint to vinyl based of longevity.  The design and materials Grossi suggested would range between $1,250 for alumipanel and up to $5,000 for all cedar, for only the sign.  Mounting would be additional or could be obtained by the Village.  Grossi also suggested landscaping and lighting around the sign to increase the footprint and visibility.  The board will review mounting options, Grossi will refine the design based on the conversation and the groups will meet again in 2 weeks.

The Board discussed a raffle ordinance to allow raffles in the Village.  Currently, raffles are not allowed under Village ordinance and Mayor Serena reported he has been approached by several persons, including both private and  non-profit organizations.  Serena presented the Board with several draft options of ordinances for consideration.  The Village would not collect tax money as the businesses would not be allowed to collect money from the raffle.  Serena said there will be a large number of questions that will need to go to the Village attorney.

Village Engineer Casey McCollom reported the village has been approved for a $30,000 grant from the State of Illinois that can be used toward GIS field work for locating water and sewer services on both public and private property.  The monies cannot go into the general fund, they must go to contractors for work approved under the terms of the grant.

Mayor Serena noted the Village will split the cost of the lion water fountain with the Lions Club, and also cover any infrastructure changes necessitated by the new fountain.