112 W. Madison Street

PO Box 618

Pontiac, IL 61764-0618

Ph. (815) 844-2006       Fax: (815) 842-1844


General Primary Election – March 19, 2024


Early Voting, Vote by Mail, and Grace Period Registration and Voting will be conducted on the following dates prior to the March 19 General Primary Election.  Regular Voter Registration closes on Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

*See the Livingston County Website for additional registration and voting deadlines information.


Dates                                                               Location                                                 Hours

MONDAY-FRIDAY                                 Livingston County Clerk’s Office                          8:00 AM to

February 8-March 19                             112 W Madison St – Pontiac                               4:30 PM

(Closed February 12 & February 19 for Lincoln’s Birthday and President’s Day)


SATURDAY                                           Livingston County Clerk’s Office                          9:00 AM to

February 24                                          112 W Madison St – Pontiac                              12:00 Noon

March 2, 9, 16


TUESDAY                                              Livingston County Clerk’s Office                          6:00 AM to

March 19, Election Day                          112 W Madison St – Pontiac                                7:00 PM

(Grace Registration & Voting Only)       


What is Early Voting?  Early Voting starts February 8 and ends March 18, 2024. This process allows any registered voter in Livingston County to use the above location to cast their ballot prior to Election Day.  Early voters must be registered Livingston County voters.  No excuse or reason is necessary to apply.


Vote by Mail Voting:  Starts Thursday, February 8 and continues through Tuesday, March 14, 2024.  A person may request a Vote by Mail ballot by USPS no later than March 14 without specifying a reason.  In order to be counted,  the ballot must be postmarked by midnight or returned in person by 7 PM to the County Clerk’s Office on March 19.


Grace Registration and Voting: Begins February 21 and continues through March 19. This is for new registrants and those who have transferred or moved and did not update their voter registration before February 20th . Voting takes place at the same time voter registration is made in the County Clerk’s Office.

Additional election information, as well as Applications for Ballots and Sample Ballots may be obtained from the Livingston County website at:  (Click on “County Services”, “County Clerk”, and “Elections”).

If you have any questions regarding voter registration, or the above information, contact County Clerk Kristy Masching (815-842-9313) or Election Deputy Gail Smythe (815-842-9318).