The Dwight Village Board met January 22, 2024 at 6:30 p.m. in the lower level of the Public Services Complex.

Trustees in attendance were Randy Irvin, Pete Meister, Marla Kinkade, Jenny Johnson, and Brian Berta. Absent was Justin Eggenberger.

Also in attendance were Village Administrator Crissy Livingston, Village Clerk Whitney Scott, and Village President Paul Johnson.

January 22nd bill payments of $50,582.64 and the November Treasurer’s Report were approved.

No one spoke in Public Forum.

In the President’s report, Mayor Paul Johnson gave his thanks to the Police, Public Works, Fire Department, and EMS Department for their handling of recent events in the Village.

Village Administrator Crissy Livingston reported that the Village had received a $3,000 donation from Love’s Truck Stop to help with recovery from the Public Works fire. She added the Village also received a grant from Illinois Public Risk Fund (IPRF) for $3,350 to be used to promote public safety. She also informed the Board that the Village had received a $40,000 grant from the Illinois EPA to assist in identifying lead line services within the Village.

EMS Director reported ambulance 1815 has been sent out to begin the remount / rebuild process.

Chief of Police Mike Nolan informed the Board that the two new recruits continue their progress at the Training Academy despite the unfortunate news the facility’s cook could not make it in because of the weather, and they were forced to eat cold meals. He gave them high marks for being strong and fighting through the adversity.

Director of Public Works Cory Scoles asked for the residents of Dwight to be patient with his crews as they plow streets of snow, as they are working with limited resources following the Public Works fire. The Public Works team has temporarily moved into the Richards Supply Building and is operating as best as possible from there. He asked the Public to call Village Hall before coming to that location as space is limited, unless of course, someone wished to come with donuts in hand. The Public Works phone line is expected to be back in operation soon.

The Board passed Resolution 2024-04 dealing with an agreement between the Village and Illinois Department of Natural Resources on enhancements at Lions Lake.

In Old Business, the final engineering fee payment of $13,429.70 to Chamlin & Associates for the William Street reconstruction project was approved.

In New Business, Gary Metke has hired as Full-Time Basic Paramedic, Step. Also, two part time paramedics were hired, Tom Stoiber and Julita Sidorowicz.

The Board then moved into Executive Session with actionable items resulting.

The next Dwight Village Board Meeting will be on Monday, February 12.