The Dwight Village Board met Monday, January 8 in the lower level of the Public Services Complex.

Trustees in attendance were Pete Meister, Marla Kinkade, Justin Eggenberger, Jenny Johnson, and Brian Berta. Absent was Randy Irvin. Also in attendance were Village President Paul Johnson and Village Administrator Crissy Livingston.

In New Business the Board discussed and approved an abatement of 1% sales tax for ten years for the owner of a proposed Dunkin Donuts franchise on Northbrook Drive. The owner of the business had asked for multiple incentives but the Board felt the 1% reduction was sufficient and appropriate based on current business climate and other recent business developments. Mayor Johnson commented that moving forward, a more formal incentive package needed to be developed.

In other New Business, the Board approved a first amendment to the Community Benefit Agreement between the Village and Illinois Generation LLC regarding slight adjustments to the placement of the wind farm to be constructed east of Dwight.

Minutes were approved for Village Board Meetings of December 11 and December 30.

Payments for December 27, 2023 of $215,091.13 and for January 8, 2024 of $146,953.65 were also approved.

No one spoke in Public Forum.

Mayor Paul Johnson gave his appreciation to the entire Village staff and Administration on how things were handled following the fire at the Public Works Building.

Village Administrator Crissy Livingston reported that even with the loss of equipment and resources as a result of the fire, streets were efficiently cleared of snow following the recent storm.

EMS Director Michael Callahan reported that interviews are underway open EMS positions. He added that letters had been sent to Emington and Campus regarding the Village’s stand that the two communities should begin paying for their fair share of Emergency Services. Mayor Johnson added that communication with representatives of the two villages was moving forward, but stated it was the Village of Dwight’s stand that they could not continue to deliver services for free to those areas. One idea floated was to potentially create a rural EMS district encompassing those two districts, along with others, outside the Village of Dwight’s current district borders.

Chief of Police Mike Nolan reported the two new police recruits are in their initial days at the current Police Training Academy session.

Director of Public works Cory Scoles reported the Department is doing the best they can, using borrowed equipment following the Public Works fire. The Village is using borrowed truck plows from Livingston County, Grundy County, and Aux Sable Township.

Intergovernmental Agreement Resolutions between the Village and the three respective government units were passed at the meeting to formally recognize the equipment loans.

The Board voted to give the Village Administrator authority to make immediate purchases related to the Public Works fire.