Spellers from left to right are:  Julianna Moats, Mikayla Vermaat, Autumn Manzello, Josie Vallera, Case Christensen, Talon Mack, Harrison DeYoung, Caden Christensen, and Makenna Hoeppner.

Gardner Grade School hosted the 2024 school Spelling Bee on Wednesday, January 24th.  After an impressive ten rounds of spelling; a victory was clenched by seventh grader, Makenna Hoeppner.  She edged out eighth grader, Case Christensen, in his third appearance in the GGS Spelling Bee.  It was a competitive battle of letters between the two for several rounds before Hoeppner secured the title.  All of the spellers did a wonderful job representing their classes.  There was a multitude of tough words, but the spellers remained resilient.  The spellers from 6th grade were:  Harrison Deoung, Talon Mack, and Mikayla Vermaat.  From 7th grade representatives were:  Makenna Hoeppner, Autumn Manzello, and Josie Vallera.  Eighth grade was represented by: Caden Christensen, Case Christensen, and Julianna Moats.  GGS is proud of all of the great efforts made in preparation for and during the bee.

Bee Winner and Runner-up:
Case Christensen (runner-up) and Makenna Hoeppner (champion)
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