On November 8, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

Board President Nick Stipanovich called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

PRESENT:   Lori Bowman; Mark Christenson; Marc Ellis; Tara Hansen; Jaime Mallaney; Nick Stipanovich; Chuck Trainor

ABSENT:    None

Also in attendance:  Josh DeLong, Superintendent; Deb Conroy, Secretary; Julie Schultz,  Principal; Micheal Bennett-Tejes, Asst. Principal/AD


Mrs. Schultz announced that Joy Meister had been chosen as the Redbird of the Month.




Mrs. Thompson was in attendance to give the DEA Report for this month.

Mrs. Schultz’ report stands as read.

Mr. Bennett-Tejes reported that the 7th and 8th Grade Girls Basketball teams both achieved 3rd place at their recent IVC Tournaments.

Mr. DeLong reported that we had a 7th/8th grade Boys Basketball game last night and Dwight had a fan ejected.  This is the second ejection of a fan for one of our sports this school year, which may trigger the IESA to require a Sportsmanship Policy Plan.  


Mr. DeLong reported on the following issues:

  1. The Triple-I Conference starts November 16th and Mr. DeLong gave an itinerary and packet to all Board members who are attending.
  2. Mr. DeLong requested that we move the February 14th Board meeting to Tuesday, February 13th because he will be out of town at a conference on the 14th.


Items for consideration on this month’s Consent Agenda are as follows:

  1. Minutes of the October 18, 2023 Special Joint Board Meeting
  2. Bills
  3. Approve Retirement, Coreen Perschnick, Payroll/HR, December 31, 2023
  4. Approve Employment, Josh DeLong, Wrestling Coach
  5. Approve Employment, Teri Kennedy, 6th Grade Volleyball Coach
  6. Approve Employment, Marilyn Schultz, Substitute Teacher


Mr. DeLong made the presentation of his proposed 2023 Tax Levy and Extension.  He noted that while tax assessments have increased across the district, the schools have continued to lower their tax rates, with the GS lowering their rate from $3.017 last year to $2.97 this year.  Mr. DeLong is projecting a 4.99% increase to the extension this year over last year. The tax levy will be on display in the District Office until the December Board meeting where he will request final approval.

Mr. DeLong announced that we have received a Commendable rating on the new state school report card, which is very good.

Mr. DeLong held the first reading of PRESS Plus Policy 113 updates.  The second reading will be held in December, where the Board will vote on final approval.  He noted there are legal updates regarding the Open Meetings Act, operations, attendance and curriculum.

Moved by Ellis, seconded by Christenson, to go into Executive Session at 6:35 p.m. to discuss the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body or legal counsel for the public body, including hearing testimony on a complaint lodged against an employee of the public body or against legal counsel for the public body to determine its validity; According to Section 2, subsection c, #1 of the Illinois Open Meetings Act; and, to discuss collective negotiating matters between the public body and its employees or their representatives, or deliberations concerning salary schedules for one or more classes of employees; According to Section 2, subsection c, #2 of the Illinois Open Meetings Act.  Roll call.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.  

Moved by Ellis, seconded by Mallaney, to exit Executive Session at 6:57 p.m.  Voice vote.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.

Moved by Ellis, seconded by Hansen, to adjourn the meeting at 6:58 p.m.  Voice vote.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.