Dwight Berkot’s Assistant Store Manager Tim Leonard presents a check to Gene Mortensen, representing the Dwight Food Pantry.

Berkot’s Round Up For Charity Program for the month of August was more than successful. In total, Dwight Berkot’s, with the help of the community and local shoppers, raised $1025 for the Dwight Food Pantry.

The store will also be bringing back the charity for the month of November as well.  If customers would like to donate more than the round up total, that is also possible.

Dwight Berkot’s will again be doing a Food Pantry Donation Bag program before the holidays where customers can purchase a $5 or $10 pre-packaged grocery bag of food that also donated directly to the Food Pantry.
If there is any local charity that is looking to get on the Berkot’s donation list, please reach out to the corporate office.
Berkot’s Super Foods and the Dwight Store in particular would like to thank the community for their generosity.