Senator Rezin participating in the panel discussion at the conference.

 Springfield, IL – Over the weekend, Illinois Senator Deputy Minority Leader Sue Rezin (R-Morris) attended and participated in the Nuclear Energy Institute’s Government Affairs Conference in Pennsylvania.

“This three-day conference allows proponents of nuclear energy the chance to discuss policies and issues impacting the development of advanced nuclear energy,” said Sen. Rezin. “As a state lawmaker, this conference gives me the opportunity to learn what is happening throughout the nation in regard to nuclear energy and assess what impact that may or may not have on my constituents and the people of Illinois.”

At the Conference, Sen. Rezin participated with another state lawmaker from West Virginia in a panel discussion on their states’ efforts to repeal their nuclear moratoriums. The state of West Virginia officially ended its quarter-century-old moratorium in 2022. Meanwhile, Sen. Rezin filed legislation that would end Illinois’ moratorium. Sen. Rezin’s legislation passed out of the General Assembly during the spring but was vetoed by the Governor.

“If we want to achieve our clean energy goals, Illinois cannot allow itself to fall behind the rest of the nation when it comes to embracing advanced nuclear energy,” continued Sen. Rezin.

Sen. Rezin continues to call for a veto override vote of Senate Bill 76, or the passage of new legislation that she filed, before the end of the General Assembly’s fall Veto Session in order to ensure Illinois has the ability to utilize the new advancements in nuclear energy technology and to create more good-paying jobs within the state.