Illinois DMV Workers to Sport New Look
Vests will benefit customers & workers

Oct 16, 2023

Illinois Secretary of State employees will begin sporting brand new navy-blue vests at all 138 DMV facilities statewide as part of a rebranding effort aimed at improving the overall customer experience, Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias announced today.

As part of the announcement, Giannoulias’ office released a video displaying the new vests, which were union made in Illinois, that the more than 1,800 DMV employees started wearing today.

“The vests will make it easier for all DMV visitors to immediately identify employees as they walk in while creating a sense of professionalism and approachability that will improve customer satisfaction,” Giannoulias said. “They will also help build a sense of teamwork and enhance the workplace environment for employees.”

The rebranding effort will also include: redesigning DMV facilities to improve flow and functionality; negotiating new leases to enhance DMV office space, add amenities and reduce costs; and standardizing signage throughout all DMVs.

“Our goal at the Secretary of State’s office is to update and modernize our DMV facilities and operations, reduce wait times and make the DMV a more pleasant experience for Illinois residents,” Giannoulias added.


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