Pictured from L-R: Grace Biros, Brooklyn Sheedy, Kenley Kruger, Brynlee Hunt, Morgan Starwalt, Kaydynce Wardlow, Casey Humphrey, Marlie Lissy, Maggie Pfeifer, Jordyn Both, Addison Phillips, Gia Rush, Lyla Wilkinson, Masie Hunt, Kendall Slattery, Addison Kilmer, Ameliah Weber, and Harper Helland.

MVK A Softball Team is 11-3 heading into Regional Competition

Thus far this season, the Lady Mavericks have defeated Wilmington 11-10, Seneca 17-2, Streator St Michael’s 16-0, Dwight 9-8, Saratoga 13-10, GSW 5-3, GSW 9-5 (IVC Small School Semifinal), Minooka ‘B’ 7-6, Channahon 11-0, Reed Custer 19-10, and Serena 13-2.

They have fallen to Beecher 15-3, Saratoga 19-12 (IVC Small School Championship), and 13-3 to Pontiac St Mary’s.

MVK 11, Wilmington 10

Marlie Lissy (3-4, 3Rs, SB, BB), Morgan Starwalt (3-5, 3Rs, SB), Brynlee Hunt (5-5, 2 2Bs, 4Rs, 2RBIs), Kaydynce Wardlow (3-5, 2 2Bs, 4 RBIs, 2SBs), and Ameliah Weber (4-5, 2 RBIs, SB) all had at least 3 hits.  Kendall Slattery came up huge in a big spot, catching a soft liner in shallow right to stem Wilmington’s comeback attempt.  Grace Biros and Brooklyn Sheedy pitched in with a stolen base each.  Starwalt pitched the complete game and had 5 strikeouts.

MVK 17, Seneca2

Marlie Lissy (3-4, 3B, 3Rs, 2RBIs), Morgan Starwalt (3-4, 3B, 3Rs, 2RBIs), Brynlee Hunt (2-2, 4Rs, 2BBs, SB), Kaydynce Wardlow (2-2, 2B, 2Rs, 4RBIs, 2BBs), Ameliah Weber (3-4, 2B, 3RBIs) all had multiple hits.  Maggie Pfeifer had a 2RBI double.  Casey Humphrey also had a stolen base.  Weber pitched the 4-inning no hitter and had 7 strikeouts.

MVK 16, Streator St Michael’s 0

Morgan Starwalt (3-3, 2 3Bs, HR, 3Rs, 6RBIs), Brynlee Hunt (3-3, 2HRs, 3Rs, 4RBIs), and Brooklyn Sheedy (2-3, R, RBI) all had multiple hits.  Grace Biros hit an RBI double, Marlie Lissy scored 3 times (and stole a base), and Addison Kilmer scored twice.  Starwalt pitched the 3-inning complete game shutout and had 5 strikeouts.

MVK 9, Dwight 8

Marlie Lissy (2-4, HR, 3Rs, RBI, SB, BB), Brynlee Hunt (2-4, 2 2Bs, 2Rs, 3RBIs, BB), and Kaydynce Wardlow (4-4, 2B, 2RBIs, SB) all had multiple hits.  Kendall Slattery also contributed with a stolen base.  Lissy was also a standout on defense, making a key, unassisted double play at the SS position.  The Lady Mavericks trailed going into the bottom of the 7th until Kenley Kruger put a perfect bunt down with one out to get on and then stole second base on the next pitch.  Morgan Starwalt then lined a double to left to tie the game and Brynlee Hunt followed with her 2nd double to drive Starwalt for the game winner.  Starwalt pitched the complete game and struck out 8 in the win.

MVK 3, Beecher 15

Grace Biros played a great second base, snaring a screaming liner for an out in the loss.  MVK managed only 5 hits, with Brynlee Hunt having two (2-3, 2B, SB).  Kaydynce Wardlow contributed a double and Ameliah Weber had a stolen base.  Morgan Starwalt took the loss, striking out 3.

MVK 13, Saratoga 10

Marlie Lissy (3-4, 2B, 3Rs, SB), Morgan Starwalt (2-4, 2 2Bs, R, 2RBIs), Brynlee Hunt (3-4, 3B, 3Rs, RBI), and Ameliah Weber (3-3, 2B, 2Rs, 2RBIs) had multiple hits.  Grace Biros also had a big 2RBI single and scored.  Kaydynce Wardlow walked 3 times and led behind the plate with no errors and great work stopping many pitches that were tough.  Jordan Both scored twice running and Addison Kilmer also stole a base.  Starwalt pitched the complete game, striking out 6.

MVK 5, GSW 3

Marlie Lissy (1-3, 2B, R, SB), Morgan Starwalt (1-2, 2R, RBI, BB), Brynlee Hunt (1-2, R, RBI, 3 SBs), Kaydynce Wardlow (1-2, RBI), and Ameliah Weber (1-3, RBI) had our only hits in this game.  Kendall Slattery contributed with a stolen base.  Weber held the Lions to 3 runs (all unearned) as she pitched the complete game, striking out 17 – setting an MVK single game record.

MVK 9, GSW 5 (IVC Small School Tournament Semifinal)

Morgan Starwalt (2-4, 2B, HR, 2Rs, 2RBIs, SB), Ameliah Weber (2-2, 2B, 2Rs, SB, BB), and Kenley Kruger (2 Bunt singles) led the Mavericks with multiple hits.  Grace Biros hit a pivotal Grand Slam to extend the lead.  Brynlee Hunt scored twice.  Starwalt (2Ks) and Weber (9Ks) teamed up in the circle to hold off the Lions.

MVK 12, Saratoga 19 (IVC Small School Tournament Championship)

Marlie Lissy (2-5, HR, 2Rs, RBI, SB), Brynlee Hunt (2-5, 2Rs, SB), Ameliah Weber (2-5, 2B, R, 2RBIs), and Grace Biros (2-4, 2Rs, 2RBIs) all had 2 hits in this high scoring contest.  Brooklyn Sheedy added a double and scored a run.  Kenley Kruger added a run and RBI.  Weber and Morgan Starwalt combined to strikeout 6 Hawks in the loss.

Lady Mavericks 7, Minooka B 6

Marlie Lissy (2-4, R, RBI), Kaydynce Wardlow (3-3, 3 2Bs, 3RBIs), and Maggie Pfeifer (2-3, R) had multiple hits.  Brooklyn Sheedy chipped in with a stolen base and run.  Addison Kilmer contributed with an RBI double and scored a run.  Morgan Starwalt pitched the complete game win with 5 Ks as the Lady Mavericks won for the first time in 7 years on their 8th Grade Night.

Lady Mavericks 11, Channahon 0

Marlie Lissy (3-3, 2B, 2Rs, 2RBIs, 2SBs), Brynlee Hunt (2-2, 3Rs, 3SBs), Kaydynce Wardlow (3-3, 2B, R, 2RBIs, SB), and Ameliah Weber (3B, R, 3RBIs) had multiple hits.  Brooklyn Sheedy stole 2 bases and scored 2 runs.  Kendall Slattery also stole 2 bases as the Lady Mavs stole 13 as a team.  Weber pitched a complete game shutout with 8Ks.

Lady Mavericks 19, Reed Custer 10

Many Mavericks had multiple hits, as they tallied 21 for the game and scored a season high, 19 runs.  Marlie Lissy (2-5, 2Rs, 2RBIs, SB), Morgan Starwalt (3-5, 2Rs, 2RBIs, BB), Brynlee Hunt (2-5, 2Rs, RBI, BB), Kaydynce Wardlow (5-6, 2B, 2RBIs), Brooklyn Sheedy (3-5, 2 2Bs, 3Rs, 3RBIs, SB), and Addison Kilmer (2-4, 2Rs, 2RBIs) all recorded multiple hits!  Grace Biros pitched in with a hit, 2 walks, and runs.  Lyla Wilkinson had her first ‘A’ Team hit in her first at bat ever, driving in 2.  Starwalt struck out 9 in the complete game win.

Lady Mavericks 13, Serena 2

Morgan Starwalt (3-4, HR, 3Rs, RBI), Brynlee Hunt (3-4, 2B, 3B, 3Rs, RBI), and Ameliah Weber (4-4, 2B, 2Rs, RBI, 3SBs) led on offense.  Grace Biros walked twice, stole two bases, and scored twice.  Kaydynce Wardlow drove three runs in and Brooklyn Sheedy contributed with an RBI single.  Weber struck out 9 in the win.

Lady Mavericks 3, Pontiac St Mary’s 13

Morgan Starwalt opened the scoring with a homerun in the top of the first.  Starwalt (HR), Marlie Lissy (R), Brynlee Hunt (BB), Ameliah Weber, and Brooklyn Sheedy had the MVK’s only hits on the night against a strong St Mary’s defense.  Kenley Kruger also walked twice and scored a run.  Starwalt struck out 3 in the loss.