Held in the Dwight Common School District Library

On September 13, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

 Board President Nick Stipanovich called the meeting to order at 6:00  p.m.

PRESENT:  Mark Christenson; Marc Ellis; Tara Hansen; Jaime Mallaney; Nick Stipanovich; Chuck Trainor

 ABSENT:    Lori Bowman

 Also in attendance:  Josh DeLong, Superintendent; Deb Conroy, Secretary; Julie Schultz, Principal

 This meeting was held to make a final presentation of the 2023-24 Budget.  There was no public comment



Held in the Dwight Common School District Library

On September 13, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

 Board President Nick Stipanovich called the meeting to order at 6:02 p.m.

PRESENT:   Mark Christenson; Marc Ellis; Tara Hansen (6:03 p.m.); Jaime Mallaney; Nick Stipanovich; Chuck Trainor

ABSENT:    Lori Bowman

Also in attendance:  Josh DeLong, Superintendent; Deb Conroy, Secretary; Julie Schultz,  Principal


 Mrs. Schultz announced that Katie Gartke has been chosen as the Redbird of the Month.

Congratulations to Katie Gartke for being selected as our Redbird Teacher of the Month for September! She goes above and beyond to support the growth of her students and is a valuable mentor for our new staff. We are lucky to have her in our Redbird Family!




 Mrs. Stewart was in attendance to give the monthly DEA Report.  She noted that the entire DEA feels that we have had a great start to the year.

Mrs. Schultz’s report stands as read.

Mr. Bennett-Tejes was at an event and his report stands as read.

Mr. DeLong reported that the new epoxy floors in the restrooms are somewhat slippery when wet and so he and the installation company are working on a solution so that we don’t have slip and fall accidents.


Mr. DeLong reported on the following issues:

  • DeLong reported that there will be another round of matching Maintenance Grants this year. He suggests that we submit for the next phase of plumbing and ventilation upgrades.  The state allows up to $50,000 towards these projects, which is then matched with District funds.
  • DeLong noted that we are due for a 10-year Health, Life Safety inspection. He has been in contact with BLDD to schedule this inspection at a cost of approximately $10,000 and it will most likely be held in early 2024.
  • DeLong informed the Board about a new reporting system for students called Safe2Help. This is a system where students can anonymously report bullying, harassment or other issues.  It is similar to Report It, which is currently being used in the District.  This will not only push messages out to Administrators, but also law enforcement and mental health resources beyond the school district.  It is a free service to the District.
  • DeLong received notification from the Village of Dwight that they are submitting for a competitive Safe Routes to Schools grant again. They are gathering information from our families to use to support this grant so that they may get funding up to $500,000 to install a sidewalk and crosswalk near Bannon Drive and Route 17 for students that need to walk to school.  They also are looking near Route 47 and Wilmac St. for the same issue, but this may be for a future grant.
  • DeLong was informed that the Blue Sky Solar project between Dwight and Gardner may be dead in the water. They have come up against issues hooking into the ComEd grid.  Even if the project is not dead, the soonest it could now possibly be online again would be in 2032.  The school was projected to receive approximately $300,000 per year in tax dollars for this project.


Items for consideration on this month’s Consent Agenda are as follows:

  • Minutes of the August 9, 2023 Regular Board Meeting
  • Minutes of the August 9, 2023 Public Hearing
  • Bills
  • Approve Leave of Absence, Dakota Irvine, 6th Grade Volleyball Coach, 1 Year
  • Approve Employment, Kelley Turner, Paraprofessional
  • Approve Employment, Jay Dunn, Substitute Teacher
  • Approve Employment, Megan Borgra, Substitute Teacher
  • Approve Employment, Max Sulzberger, Volunteer Girls Basketball Coach


Mr. DeLong asked for final approval of the 2023-24 District Budget.

Mr. DeLong discussed the structure of the proposed split Athletic Director position that would be shared with DTHS.  He proposes a 60/40 split with the GS paying the 40% portion.

The Board discussed Board/DEA negotiations and the structure of the Negotiations Committee.  It was decided that there should be 3 Board members plus one alternate.  Marc Ellis, Jaime Mallaney and Chuck Trainor volunteered to be on the Negotiations Committee, with Tara Hansen volunteering to be the alternate.  Mr. DeLong will do most of the initial meetings with the DEA reps and the whole committee will meet only for the final meetings.


Mr. DeLong presented the 2022-23 Teacher/Administrator Compensation Report for approval.

Mr. DeLong reported that approval of the Threat Assessment Team and the Threat Assessment Plan is a new annual requirement.  The Team has met and the plan has been reviewed by Detective Beier.

Mr. DeLong noted the need to cancel the Regular October 11, 2023 Board Meeting in order to hold a Special Joint Board Meeting with the HS on October 18th to discuss the recent district audits and negotiations with the DEA.


approve a Joint Board Meeting to be held on October 18, 2023 at the Dwight Township High School Board Room,