GSWB Cross Country Team

9/15/23 Saunemin Meet Results

The GSWB Cross Country Team competed in Saunemin’s 5 Mile Creek Invitational on September 15th. Four separate races were ran and the Tigers were able to come home with a handful of medals.

Leah Oslen was able to compete in her first race of the season. She has been dealing with an injury throughout the season and has finally felt strong enough to compete again. She ran in the 1-mile open race and was able to place 8th overall with a time of 8:00. This was a great first performance for Leah and the Tigers are happy to have her back!

There was also an Open 2-mile race ran. Coming in first for the Tigers was Ty Tjelle. Ty placed 3rd overall with a time of 16:17. Next was Mikayla Vermaat placing 6th with a time of 17:04, closely followed by Lilly Eddy who placed 7th with a time of 17:06. Lilly Scheuber placed 22nd with a time of 21:17.

The final race the Tigers competed in was the Varsity girls 2-mile. Chloe Biros was able to place 2nd overall with a time of 15:11. Kaylee Tousignant was close behind placing 3rd with a time of 15:18.

Coming up this week for the Tigers is a meet in Channahon on Tuesday, September 19th.

9/13 GSWB Home Meet Results – Fireman’s Beach Club

            The GSWB Tigers hosted their home meet this season at the Fireman’s Beach Club on September 13th. Seneca, Ottawa Marquette, Dwight, Odell, Peotone, and Saunemin were able to attend, which made for great competition for the Tigers.

The girls started off the meet and all of the Lady Tigers ran their best times of the season. Coming in 2nd place was Chloe Biros with a time of 14:30. Close behind was Kaylee Tousignant who placed 4th with a time of 14:49. Lilly Eddy placed 12th at 16:14, Mikayla Vermaat  placed 14th with a time of 16:46, and Lilly Scheuber placed 24th with a time of 18:47. Lilly Scheuber was also honored at the meet as the Tigers only 8th grader. Lilly has ran cross country for the past 4 years and will be greatly missed as she moves onto high school next year!

The boys also showed up to compete and each ran their best times this season. Mason Jordan placed 4th overall with a time of 12:42. Ty Tjelle came in 24th place with a time of 15:59. Great work Tigers!


9/7/23 Limestone Results

The GSWB Tigers competed in the Limestone meet on September 7th. This course is always one of the most challenging courses the Tigers run on during the season. While the course was difficult, many of the Tigers were able to run fast times, some even running personal records.

The Lady Tigers definitely showed up to compete at Limestone. Chloe Biros was able to place 8th running a personal record of 16:02. Behind her, Kaylee Tousignant placed 10th with a personal record of 16:32. Next for the tigers was Mikayla Vermaat and Lilly Eddy both with a time of 17:21 and Lilly Scheuber at 22:44.

The boys also ran great times on this challenge course. Mason Jordan ran a time of 14:29. David Allen followed close behind with a time of 15:49, then Ty Tjelle at 17:23.

Next week the Tigers will have their home meet on Wednesday, September 13th at the South Wilmington Fireman’s Club starting at 4:30. Come out to support the GSWB Cross Country Team!

9/5/23 Seneca Meet

The season continues for the GSWB Cross Country team as they competed in Seneca on Tuesday, September 5th. Coach Residori says that she is seeing the Tigers grow stronger at each meet!

First up were the lady Tigers. Placing 6th overall was Chloe Biros with a time of 16:32. Following close behind in 8th was Kaylee Tousignant with a time of 17:21. Close behind was Mikayla Vermaat at 17:27, Lily Eddy at 17:30, and Lilly Scheuber with 21:57.

For the boys, Mason Jordan placed 3rd overall with a personal record of 13:40. Next was David Allen at 16:16 and Ty Tjelle at 19:10.

Next up for the Tigers is a meet on Thursday September 7th in Limestone.

GSWB XC Minooka Meet 8/29/23

The GSWB Cross Country Team headed to Minooka for their second meet of the season. Athletes competed against much larger schools and did an awesome job!

Mikayla Vermaat competed in the JV 1 mile race and ran her best time of 7:41. She was able to place in the top 25. Mikayla continues to improve and get stronger each meet.

In our girls Varsity 2 mile race, Chloe Biros led the tigers with a time of 16:31. Coming next was Kaylee Tousignant with a time of 16:57 and Lily Eddy at 16:59. Lilly Scheuber came in with a time of 22:31. This race had over 70 athletes in it and the Lady Tigers showed up to compete!

For the Varisty Boys 2-mile race, Mason Jordan came in with a time of 14:48 followed by David Allen at 15:45. Ty Tijelle finished strong with a time of 19:17. Coach Residori is proud of all the hard work she is seeing during meets!

Beecher Bobcat Breakout 8/19/23


GSWB Cross Country went to compete in the Beecher Bobcat Breakout over the weekend. This was the teams first meet of the season and everyone showed up ready to compete.


The Tigers had one JV runner, Mikayla Vermaat. This is Mikayla’s first time in cross country so she was unsure of what to expect. She did awesome in the 1-mile race with a time of 8:25. Coach Residori is excited to see all Mikayla can do throughout the rest of the season.


The Varsity Lady Tigers had four runners compete in the 2-mile race. Leading the lady tigers in Chloe Biros with a time of 16:17. Following close behind was Kaylee Tousignant with a time of 16:46, Lily Eddy with a time of 17:11, and Lilly Scheuber with a time of 23:04. Coach Residori said the Lady Tigers have been working hard and it showed throughout the race.


The Varsity Boys competed in the final 2-mile race of the day. In front for the Tigers was Mason Jordan with a time of 14:54. Next was David Allen at 15:37 and Ty Tjelle with a time of 17:01. Coach Residori said the boys did a great job and she can not wait to see them continue to work hard throughout the season.

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