Dwight High School Golf Team, left to right. Owen Vitko, Zak Kinzler, Andrew Gartke, Jack Groves, Will Trainor, Tracer Brown, and Head Coach Robert Caridi.

Sept 28

The Dwight Trojan boys had an overall great day at Nettle Creek in Morris for their Regional Match on September 28. They came in second as a team with Will Trainor placing first and Jack Groves placing second in individuals overall. The team will be advancing to Sectionals this Monday (Oct 2) at Kankakee Elks. Best of luck to the boys!
Sept 19
The Trojans traveled to Aspen Ridge yesterday and came out on top.
Varsity- 166
Will Trainor- 35
Jack Groves- 36
Andrew Gartke- 48
Maddox DeLong- 47
Cole Boucher- 50
Owen Vitko- 50
JV- 215
Brayden Jensen-55
Zak Kinzler- 44
Ty Frobish- 62
Coe Peters- 63
Cash Carter- 58
Blake Thetard- 58
Wilmington varsity- 215
Momence varsity- 218

Sept 18
Dwight moved to a 14-1 record in boys golf with a victory over Gibson City.
Match held at Dwight Country Club
Dwight 163 and Gibson City 178
Jack Groves 37 medalist
Will Trainor 38
Andrew Gartke 42
Maddux Delong 46
Tracer Brown 48
Cole Boucher 48
Junior Varsity
Dwight 226 Gibson City 218
Zak Kinzler 50
Owen Vitko 56
Ty Frobish 57
Braden Jensen 63
Coe Peters 63
Cash Carter 68
Blake Thetard 68

Sept 11

The Dwight Trojans Golf Team played at home on Monday September 11 and despite the poor weather they were able to come in first place with a team score of 165 beating out St.Anne (199), Woodland (197), and Ottawa-Marquette (183). Great job Trojans.


Sept 7
The Trojans (160) played a tough match yesterday beating out Lexington (198) but lost to Morris (159).
Jack Groves- 39
Will Trainor- 36
Andrew Gartke- 40
Tracer Brown- 45
Maddox DeLong- 46
Cole Boucher- 52
Varsity Team Score- 160
Owen Vitko- 51
Brayden Jensen- 48
Zak Kinzler- 58
Ty Frobish- 66
Coe Peters- 63
Cash Carter- 64
Blake Thetard- 69
JV Team Score- 220

Sept 6

Dwight Boys Golf had another great day on Wednesday September 6. The Varsity beat out Manteno and Seneca with a team score of 165. JV also did very well with a score of 227.
Jack Groves 38
Will Trainor 36
Andrew Gartke 46
Maddox DeLong 45
Cole Boucher 47
Owen Vitko 51
Brayden Jensen 58
Zak Kinzler 57
Ty Frobish 63
Coe Peters 64
Cash Carter 66
Blake Thetard 61


Sept. 5
Dwight played Watseka at home September 5. Dwight (169) was able to beat out Watseka (175).
Top scorers were Will Trainor 38 and Jack Groves 39.

Aug. 28

Trojans had a great day at home beating Putnam County (194) and Henry-Senachwine (175) with a team score of 155.
Individual Scores-
Will Trainor- 36
Andrew Gartke- 39
Tracer Brown- 39
Jack Groves- 41

Aug. 21

Dwight played at Nettle Creek Golf Course in the Irish Invitational taking second place with a score of 351.  Host school Seneca won the eight team event with a score of 350.
Dwight Scores- Will Trainor 78(second place finish)  Tracer Brown 84, Jack Groves 88, Maddux Delong 101, Andrew Gartke 103 and Zack Kinzler 119

Aug. 15

Dwight Varsity Boys Golf had a great day out on Spring Creek Golf Course coming in third place overall as a team with Jack Groves placing second and Will Trainor placing fourth in individuals.