What’s New in Dwight? Aug 12, 2023


The Prairie Creek Public Library District trustees are excited to share that two gardens have been added to the property. Danchris Nursery designed unique gardens that will, eventually, follow the sidewalk around the building. The gardens have literary names. The garden in front of the building is, Where The Sidewalk Ends. The large garden in the northwest corner is, Where The Red Fern Grows. When funds become available the next garden to be installed is, Royal Subjects.
We will add more gardens through memorials and other donations. Businesses and organizations are welcome to donate. Plaques will be added to reflect whom the gardens honors. Benches and tables have been incorporated into the designs. Library patrons will be able to enjoy spending time in the gardens as part of their library experience. Soon the gardens will be as beautiful as the building.
Trustees: Jane Anderson, Teresa Bradley, Tori Ferguson, Virginia Malone, Rosie Miller, Emily Moore, Kathy Patten, and Library Director Sherrie Rhodes.

Construction of the Athletic Practice Facility at DTHS continues.

The Dwight Trojans are getting ready for the upcoming football season.


The annual Football Camp was held this past week at Dwight Baptist Academy.

The parking lot of Futures Unlimited Dwight Learning Center at 401 W. Waupansie is getting an upgrade.


The townhomes on West William are progressing. The complex will include 4 1-bedroom units, 12 2-bedroom units, and 16 3-bedroom units.