About 55 people attended the annual reunion which was held on August 13, 2023 in the tool shed at the Drach farm near Emington.
The day began with a prayer by Corilyn McCullough and she asked for remembrance for the family of Scott Leonard, Cindy’s husband, who passed away earlier this year.
It was then time to eat all the good food that was brought in and there was quite a variety.  The desserts were all sitting on a separate table with a number and a glass by each one.   They were served with homemade ice cream.  You then went back and voted by placing money in the glass or glasses for the ones you liked the best.   The dessert with the most money in their glass was the winner.  This dessert was cupcakes cut in half and decorated to look like hamburgers.  These were made by Corilyn McCullough.  All the money collected was donated to the winner’s favorite charity which was Livingston County Humane Society.
Several games of BINGO were played during the afternoon.   Also a container of suckers was the “guessing game”.   This game was won by Emmalynn McWilliams.
The oldest in attendance was Phyllis Baylor of Hanna City, youngest was Eugene McWilliams of Dwight who is 7 months old, traveling the farthest was Lorene Branz from Loudon, Tennessee, and the closest to this Reunion was Maracia Drach just a few steps away.  Other relatives came from Indiana, Ohio, Hampshire IL, Roscoe, IL, Bloomington, Downs, LeRoy and surrounding towns of Dwight.
Thanks very much to Lyndsey Raycraft and Devon Crouch for hosting this year’s Reunion.  Next year’s Reunion will be in August and hosted by Kelly Gaffney and Bev Beecher.   It will be held here at the Drach’s farm and it was suggested to have a “hog roast”.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and look forward to next year.