Dwight Village Board of Trustees meeting recap for Monday, July 10, 2023.

Present were Trustees: Pete Meister, Marla Kinkade, Brian Berta, and Randy Irvin acting as President Pro.

Absent were Justin Eggenberger, Jenny Johnson, and Mayor Paul Johnson.

Prior to the meeting a Public Property / Utility Meeting was held with the following items on the agenda:

  • 601 S Clinton St
    • The committee had a lengthy discussion about how to deal with the intersection of South Clinton and West William Street. A recent accident at this location prompted discussion around the dangerous traffic flow coming off Old Route 66 as well as a potential increase in traffic once the new apartments on West William are completed. The current layout of the small triangle of Village property at this location, along with the orientation of the current access at this address, presented challenges in making any immediate changes. It was decided to gather additional information and get estimates on the costs of any changes before making any decisions.
  •  William Street parking.
    • Discussion was held on the appropriate parking restrictions along William Street South and South Lincoln near the new housing project. The Committee proposed that William Street would follow current parking policies like the rest of the Village, and there would be no parking on the short dead end portion of South Lincoln Street.
  • OSLAD Grant
    • The Committee weighed the benefits of employing Hitchcock Design Group to aid with Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) Grant applications. It was decided to send to the Board for approval.
  • Discuss Sewer Jet machine / pump replacement
    • The Committee approved sending to the Board for approval the rebuild of the Sewer Jet Machine at approximately $11,000.

The regular meeting commenced at 6:30.



  • Payment of July 10, 2023, Bills $75,658.71 (Approved)
  • April 2023 Treasurer’s Report (Approved)




Randy Irvin, acting as Board President, reported that the Enger Invitational Tournament on the weekend of July 8 and 9 went off without any problems as did the Fourth of July Fireworks.


EMS Director Michael Callahan reported to the Board that the siren problem had been fixed on the ambulance. Also, the next chassis rebuild will probably not be until January.

Chief of Police Mike Nolan presented information to the Board regarding the Police-sponsored community event National Night Out on August 1. He also indicated the two recruits at the Academy continue to do well.

Director of Public Works, Cory Scoles, reported the road bed on the Columbia Street bridge was done and work on William Street continues. Also, Nicor is making progress on downtown sidewalk repairs.

Crissy Livingston, Village Administrator

  • Downtown reconstruction is going well.
  • One of the air conditioning units at the Village Complex will need to be replaced.
  • Bids for the smart water meters have come in.
  • Approaches to the Columbia Street bridge will need to be repaired by the contractor.
  • A pothole on Columbia Street past the Grade School will be reviewed for repair.


  • From Ordinance committee June 26th
    • Four-Way stop signs at W. William and S. Clinton St. were approved.
  • Services Committee June 26th
    • A contract amendment to Allen Township Ambulance Service was approved. $500 will  be charged if care is rendered, regardless of transport or not. If a refusal results with no Advanced Life Support services given, $300 will be charged, and if the call is canceled before getting to scene, there will be no charge.
  • Public Properties / Utilities Committee
    • It was approved to hire Hitchcock Design to aid with OSLAD Grants.
    • The expenditure of $11,267 for the rebuild of a sewer jet pump was approved.


  • Approve ordinance 1499 Stop Signs.
    • This ordinance was approved to add the four-way stop at Clinton and William to the Ordinance Code. 


  • Payment #2 to D Construction for St. Louis Street reconstruction $13,130.30
    • This was approved


  • Approve Payments to Chamlin & Associates in the amount of $8,771 (Bridge Repairs) and $3,315 (WWTP)
    • Both were approved


The Board entered into Executive Session with no action resulting. The next regular Board Meeting will be July 24.