Local Author Launches First Book

Seneca, Illinois: Dana S. Diaz launched her first book in June. Gasping for Air: The Stranglehold of Narcissistic Abuse tells the true story of Diaz’s marriage, and the narcissistic abuse she endured. The book takes readers on a journey from the early days of the relationship to the day when Diaz decided to walk away.

The first-time author, based in Seneca, Illinois, wanted to share her personal story with other abuse victims. “My story demonstrates all the elements of a narcissistic relationship—the push and pull of love and hate, the utility of the love interest in achieving the narcissist’s goals, and all the other facets of narcissistic abuse,” says Diaz.

The book is available for purchase through all book retailers since the end of June.

Along with her book, the author is soon launching a website, www.danasdiaz.com, on which she shares blog posts as well as a downloadable questionnaire to help individuals identify if they are currently in a narcissistic abusive relationship. Says Diaz, “The very first step is to be able to recognize an abusive relationship. It’s only from there that true healing can begin.”

With a prequel to Gasping for Air already in progress, Diaz has a range of future projects, including more books about her personal experiences with abuse, as well as informational workshops and seminars. “I am not a therapist or an expert,” says Diaz. “I’m someone who has lived with narcissistic abuse and I want to reassure everyone going through a similar experience that they are not alone.”


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