Dwight Preschool Screening


The Dwight Early Learning Program is hosting a birth to 6 year old developmental screening on August 10th, 2023. This is a play based screening in the areas of learning, motor, speech, and social development. Children over the age of three will have a screening of their vision and hearing. It is recommended to have your child screened at least once prior to the start of school. Children 2 ½ and older must be screened in order to be considered for the preschool program at Dwight Grade School. The screening will be located at the Dwight Methodist Church on Thursday, August 10th. If your child has been screened once before, and you have no developmental concerns, it is not necessary to have your child rescreened. If your child already attends preschool at Dwight they do not need to be screened again. To schedule an appointment call the Dwight Grade School at 815-584-6220 starting Tuesday, August 1, 2023.