The DTHS Trojan track team held a 3 day camp (July 7-9) for 25 grade school athletes. The campers, who were excited, learned much about this sport and had lots of fun while doing the different events. On Saturday, the future track stars competed in a track meet. It was quite enjoyable watching the campers compete with much determination and spirit. The coaches would like to thank the current and recent Trojan track athletes for all their help in making the camp a great success. Saturday’s meet brought out many proud parents and grandparents to cheer on the young athletes.
Long Jump: 1st-Jack Simms, 10’11”; 2nd-Dominic Hendrickson, 8’9″; 3rd-Izzy Pittenger, 8’0″; 4th-Mia Olson, 5’10”; 5th-Harper Connor, 5’9″
Shot Put: 1st-Dominic Hendrickson, 14’7.25″
Discus Throw: 1st-Izzy Pittenger, 22’1″
100M Dash: 1st-Opel Moore, 16.69; 2nd-Izzy Pittenger, 17.10, 3rd-Mia Olson, 23.63, Harper Connor, 26.62
200m Dash: 1st-Opel Moore, 32.03, 2nd-Izzy Pittenger, 37.93, 3rd-Harper Connor, 1:04
400m Dash: 1st-Jack Simms, 1:210, 2nd-Izzy Pittenger, 1:30, 3rd-Dean Carey, 1:33, 4th-Lane Carey, 1:36
800m Run: 1st-Dean Carey, 3:26
Long Jump: 1st-Hudson Colclasure, 14’8″; 2nd-Mikayla Vermatt. 11’11”; 3rd-Chloe Biros, 11’10
Shot Put: 1st-Evan Olson, 39′ 5″, 2nd-Kaden Cavaness, 32’11.25″, 3rd-Axel Kargle, 20’4″
Discus Throw: 1st-Evan Olson, 117’4″, 2nd-Kaden Cavaness, 75’3.5″, 3rd-Axel Kargle, 49’1″
100m Dash: 1st-Hudson Colclasure.15.06, 2nd-Mikayla Vermatt, 16.06, 3rd-Evan Simms, 20.75
200m: 1st-Kaden Kavaness, 28.94, 2nd-Evan Simms, 45.07
400m: 1st-Axel Kargle, 1:15, 2nd-Mikayla Vermatt, 1:22
800m: 1st-Axel Kargle, 3:03, 2nd-Chloe Biros, 3:15
Exhibition 4x100m Relay: 1st-Lane#3 team, 1:17, 2nd-Lane#1 team, 1:20, 3rd-Lane#2 team, 1:22