Eligible businesses can apply for up to $20,000 for the durable permanent or semi-permanent equipment purchased or rented to prevent, prepare for, or respond to COVID-19 through the Illinois Department and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) CDBG-CV-Business Resiliency Program.

Business application deadlines dates are listed below by county:

  • LaSalle County – August 7th
  • Bureau County – August 21st
  • Livingston County – August 21st
  • Marshall County – August 23rd

North Central Illinois Council of Governments (NCICG) is working with these counties to submit applications for this DCEO program. Contacts on where business can submit applications are listed by county on NCICG’s Business Resiliency Program page on their website at www.ncicg.org.  This page provides a description of eligible businesses and eligible activities and expenses, along with the forms a business needs to complete and a video explaining how to fill out the forms.