Storage areas are being built on both sides of the front door on the west end entry of the gymnasium.
The DTHS parking lot is being extended just east of the agriculture plot.
The foundation of the DTHS Athletic Practice Facility has been set.


Repair of the Gooseberry Creek bridge on Columbia street continues.


The Dwight Youth Soccer League is using the grassy area between the T-Ball Field and Gooseberry Creek.
Downtown Dwight street lights have been updated with a built-in audio system.
Repaving of West William Street is underway.
Construction at the William Street Housing Development is progressing at a fast pace.
Nicor has completed their installation of upgraded gas lines downtown Dwight and sidewalks/roads will soon be repaired.
The old LSC/RRD Building now owned by Phoenix Investors has a new paint job.
The “LSC” name has been removed from the Phoenix Investors Building.
This photo of the Phoenix Investors (LSC/RRD) building was taken from Morris Road on Wednesday June 28. It exhibits the effect of the Canadian wildfires on local air quality.
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