Latex and Oil Paint Collection for Recycling Event    May through October 2023

 The Grundy County Land Use Department will be working with Earth Paints in the recycling of both latex and oil-based paints this summer and fall. Up until the end of October, residents will be able to pay for the recycling of paint by coming to the Land Use Department located at 1320 Union Street, Morris, IL 60450 between the hours of 8-4:00 PM.

After paying for the paint, you want to recycle, we will provide you with a receipt that will specifically state what you will be recycling. It will also include on the receipt, the day and location of the facility where we will accept your paint. Please make sure that you have your receipt, or your paint will not be accepted.

Please make sure that all paint is in its original container and clearly labelled. The paint container needs to be non-leaking and covered with a lid.

All paint accepted will be charged the following:  

Latex Paint:                                         Oil Based Paints/Stains

Quart – $2.99                                      Quart – $5.99

Gallon – $5.99                                     Gallon – $9.99

5 Gallon – $19.99                                5 Gallon – $24.99


EPaint does the following with the paint that they receive:

  • EPaint has processed over one million cans and recycled thousands of gallons of paint.
  • Paints are mixed with similar types of paints to produce a paint product that is tinted for use. This paint has good coverage and cost half as much as traditional paints.
  • Paint is currently being sold at Habitat for Humanity Restore locations and other hardware retailers.
  • EPaint is able to recycle 98% of the paint collected and also ensures that the cans are recycled.
  • First recycler in the country to be able to recycle oil based paints.


Please feel free to direct all questions to Heidi Miller at (815) 941-3229 (

\We thank you residents of Grundy County for caring about your Earth and recycling your paint!