Tiger State Qualifiers: Left to right- Back row: Holden Grimes, Christopher Ozee, Aiden Bodine, Kaden Cavaness, Isaiah Bouwma, Reed Millette, Case Christensen, Aiden Mack, Tyler Gubbins, Front Row: Olivia Siano, Leah Olson, Chloe Biros, Mikayla Vermaat, Ellie Marquez, Autumn Manzello, Cameron Gray.
Tigers Boys Team

The GSWB Tiger Track team took part in their sectional track meet in Morris on Saturday, May 6th.  In the 13-team meet the Tigers crushed it, winning the 8th grade Boys Sectional Champion title.  They also took the  runner-up spot  for 7th grade boys, 3rd for 8th grade girls and 4th for the 7th grade girls team!

The following athletes had top three performances:
100 M Dash:
Liv Siano- 8th grade – 1st- 13.50
Cameron Gray- 7th grade-3rd- 14.42
Tyler Gubbins- 8th grade- 1st- 11.76

200 M Dash:
Liv Siano- 8th grade-1st- 29.09
Tyler Gubbins- 8th grade- 1st-24.40

400 M:
Ellie Marquez- 7th grade-1st- 1:09.03
Tyler Gubbins- 8th grade- 1st- 54.84

800 M:
Ellie Marquez- 7th grade- 3rd-2:59.82
Aiden Bodine- 8th grade- 3rd- 2:33.24
Christopher Ozee-8th grade-1st- 2:28.21

Leah Olson- 7th grade- 2nd- 6:39
Chloe Biros- 8th grade- 1st- 6:20
Isaiah Bouwma-7th grade-1st- 5:48
Aiden Mack- 8th grade- 1st- 5:25

110 Hurdles:
Kash Olsen- 8th grade-3rd-21.56

4×100 Relay:
7th grade girls- 3rd place- Biros, D’Amico, Olson, Tousignant- 1:06.46
7th grade boys- 3rd place- Christensen, Allen, Christensen, Brown- 1:04.14
8th grade boys- 3rd place- Biros, Rice, Grimes, Millette- 58.66

4×200 M Relay:
7th grade girls- 2nd place- Pumfrey, Manzello, Cacello, Vermaat- 2:18.75
8th grade boys- 2nd place- Bodine, Cavaness, Ozee, Mack- 1:51.81

4×400 M Relay:
7th grade girls-1st place- Vermaat, Olson,
Manzello, Marquez- 5:17.65
8th grade boys- 1st place- Mack, Millette, Bodine, Ozee- 4:26.12

Shot Put:
Case Christensen- 7th grade- 2nd- 27’1
Kaden Cavaness- 8th grade- 3rd- 35’0.5
Holden Grimes-8th grade- 1st- 39’0

Case Christensen- 7th grade- 1st- 95’6
Kaden Cavaness- 8th grade- 2nd-74’10
Holden Grimes- 8th grade-1st- 102’8

High jump:
Isaiah Bouwma-7th grade boys- 2nd- 4’5
Aiden Mack- 8th grade boys- 4’9

Long jump:
Olivia Siano- 8th grade- 1st- 14’3.5
We also had many athletes qualify for the state meet in East Peoria on May 12-13th.  Congratulations to our State Qualifiers:
Olivia Siano- 100,  200, long jump
Tyler Gubbins- 100, 200, 400, 4×400 relay
Ellie Marquez- 400, 4×400 relay
Christopher Ozee- 800,4×200& 4×400 relay
Aiden Bodine- 4×200 & 4×400 relay
Chloe Biros- 1600
Isaiah Bouwma-1600
Aiden Mack- 1600, 4×200, 4×400, high jump
Kaden Cavaness- 4×200 relay, shot put
Mikayla Vermaat- 4×400 relay
Leah Olson- 4×400 relay
Autumn Manzello- 4×400 relay
Reed Millette- 4×400 relay
Holden Grimes-Shot put, discus
Case Christensen- discus
Cameron Gray- 4×200 (Alt)

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