Morris – Residents are reminded that the Health Department collects dead birds to submit for testing of West Nile Virus.

Since West Nile Virus (WNV) arrived in Illinois during the end of the summer of 2001, dead birds have been important sentinels to detect early WNV activity. As part of WNV surveillance activities, the Health Department collects dead birds to submit to the State of Illinois for testing.

A bird is suitable for testing if it has not been dead for more than two days and it does not display signs of injury or decomposition. Please call the Health Department at (815) 941-3115 to speak with staff about basic criteria of birds to be tested. If the bird qualifies for testing, a Health Department representative collect it for testing.

Dead birds will be accepted for testing through October 15, 2023.

For further information regarding West Nile Virus or if residents encounter a dead bird that meets the parameters mentioned above, contact the Grundy County Health Department at 815-941-3115.