Gardner Village Board

April 10, 2023

By Don Phillips

Gardner village board met in regular session Monday evening with Tim Hill serving as Mayor pro tem in the absence of Dick Hileman and Mayor Mike Serena.  The meeting opened with the approval of the minutes of the March 13 meeting and payment of the bills.

Several residents addressed the board during public comment.  A resident addressed the board concerning the tractor trailers along Liberty Street and their proximity to the stop sign.  Another resident inquired if the flowers were approved for downtown and if the Lion head will be placed in the park.  Hill confirmed the flowers have been approved and the Lion head is in need of repairs.  The board is considering repair versus replacement.  The board was questioned if the town clock has been set for daylight savings time; it will be tomorrow.  A resident would like to donate a hand-made wooden bench and is interested in a location the village would like it.  The board was asked about replacing the welcome signs for the entrances to the village and Commissioner Erik Smith commented he is renewing the search he started before the pandemic.

The board discussed and approved the purchase and installation of new steps at the dining car.  The approval for the project is not to exceed $1,800.  The expected cost is $1,740 for concrete, not including handrails.  The board will approve the cost of handrails at a future meeting.

The board discussed the purchase of concrete finishing tools to allow the village employees to repair and replace sidewalks throughout the village.  The intent is to allow the village employees to complete smaller jobs at a reduced cost to the village.  The purchase was tabled pending pricing for the equipment.

The village discussed and approved the donation to the GSW High School prom lock-in.  The board approved a donation of $400 for the lock-in.

Village Clerk Pat Malinowski reported the Jackson Street lighting project has been delayed due to inclement weather.  The village hopes to have a response this week.