DwightNotes from the Dwight Village Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, April 24th, 2023. 


  • Bill payments of $50,672.56 on March 31, 2023 for Fiscal Year End 2023 were approved.
  • Bill payments of $76,652.50 on April 24, 2023 were approved.


 PRESIDENTS REPORT: Mayor Paul Johnson reported a Zoom call was recently held in the DEA office with a prospective new business coming to Dwight.


Village Administrator Carissa Livingston reported the computer upgrades taking place within Village Departments was nearing completion. Also, new Financial Coordinator Hayden Tjelle would be starting part-time on May 2nd and be working full-time by May 30. She added that conditions at the base of the Windmill were not good and with Prom weekend coming up, Village crews would making some basic repairs to make it safe for picture taking.

EMS Director Mike Callahan reported the Department would be hosting a Community Blood Drive on May 22, the Monday of EMS Week, in the ESDA Room in the lower level of the Public Services Complex. Also, he had become aware there were no AED’s at the little league fields and submitted a grant request to obtain at least one.

Chief of Police Mike Nolan informed the Board the two new officer recruits were in initial training and would be attending the Police Academy in a couple weeks. The new squad car is in the process of being fitted with equipment. Also, a list had been developed of properties with overgrown grass and junk cars within the Village. In addition, the elephant on Morris Road is in the process of being located to a more appropriate location, and the attorney for the property at the end of Burbeck Drive had been contacted regarding clean-up of that location. Nolan added that a recent missing-person incident involving multiple agencies highlighted the value of Flock License Plate Readers and getting them implemented in our area should be a priority.

Public Works Director Cory Scoles reported necessary repair items were on hand for the Public Pool and it was anticipated it would be ready to open on time.


  • A request by Livingston County CCSI to use the Village Board Meeting Room was approved.
  • An update was given on the Smoke Out May 5 and 6 street closures. With the contest being canceled, roads would not need to be closed, but the requested parking lots would still be closed for the school craft show. Park Street will also be closed.


  • The annual Dwight Economic Alliance 2023 Membership dues were approved for $25,000. DEA President Randy Irvin pointed out to the Board the cost of the Fourth of July fireworks had increased this last year to $18,000.
  • A Sound Amplification Permit Request for Aly Anne’s on May 5, 6, and 7 was approved.
  • The VFW Post 2608 Poppy Day Bucket Brigade Request for May 5 and 6 was approved.
  • The National Night Out Event street closure on East Main Street for August 1, 2023 was approved.
  • The National Night Out Event Sound Amplification Permit Request for August 1, 2023 was approved.
  • Approval was given to purchase a 3” Trash Pump for $1,908.00 from Sistek Sales.
  • The purchase of Halogen Supply Pool Lane Lines for $2,980.00 was approved.
  • The purchase of Knox Med Vaults for EMS for $5,126.00 was approved.
  • Erv Daniels, Village of Dwight Building Inspector, submitted his resignation effective June 30, 2023.

The Board entered into Executive Session to discuss payroll matters.

The next Village Board Meeting will be Monday May 8.