Registration for Dwight Youth Football and Cheer will be online this year.

Dwight Youth Football and Cheer is for boys in and girls in Dwight and surrounding towns ages 3rd grade to 8th grade.
There will be new Cheer Uniforms for this upcoming 2023 Season! Don’t miss out on Registration this year come out and make some friends while cheering on our Mighty Trojans!

The teams will have all new jerseys this year with personalized numbers!!

Welcome Our Coaching Staffs for 2023

Head Coach Jeremy Wood
Assistant Coaches
Josh Delong
Mitch Thompson
Brent Olson

Head Coach Jason Marques
Assistant Coaches
Randy Irvin
Jeremy Kapper
Kevin Jensen

Mighty Mite
Dan Veselak


Cheer Coordinator- Shanna Peterson
Cheer Helper- Lori Bowman
Head Senior Coach Laura Brown
Head Junior Coach Jessica Brock
Mighty Mites will be announced soon.
If interested, please reach out to a board member.
More information can be found at
Registration Fees:

Board Members
President- Jill Kapper -815-822-4148
Vice President- Jason Marques – 815-693-7944
Secretary- Laura Halstead -815-343-5306
Treasurer- Sarah Turner- 815-274-9976
Cheer Coordinator- Shanna Peterson -815-274-4246
Trustee- Jodi Jensen- 815-252-3262
Trustee- Jeremy Wood- 815-830-4102
Trustee- Laura Brown- 815-343-2572
Trustee- Mitch Thompson- 815-685-8680