Dwight Woman’s Club Updates

Dwight Woman’s Club met on March 21st at Dwight’s new coffee shop, Perfect Blend Coffee House & Music Studio, owned by one of the club’s members, Allison Frizzell. Club members discussed readings that reflected on the life of Mary Stewart, author of the “Collect for Club Women” – a prayer said at the start of each meeting to instill a sense of unity among women working together with wide interests and important goals. In addition to club business, members also discussed plans for participating again in this year’s All Town Garage Sales, and prepared for Dwight Woman’s Club Rocks project – a community-wide rock hunting adventure that began March 25th. Children and adults who find a painted rock are encouraged to post a picture of themselves and the found rock on the club’s #DWCrocks Facebook page and then re-hide the rock for others to find. People are also welcome to join the fun by painting their own rocks and hiding them around town.

Dwight Woman’s Club is always looking for new members. Dwight area women interested in learning more about DWC are welcome to attend a meeting or reach out via email at dwightwom6@gmail.com. DWC meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. DWC’s April meeting will be on Tuesday the 18th at Prairie Creek Public Library.