Agriculture, Zoning and Emergency Services Committee

Of the Livingston County Board


Meeting Agenda

Gerald Earing, Chair

Paul Ritter, Vice Chair

Monday March 6, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.
Livingston County Historic Courthouse
112 W. Madison St., Pontiac, IL
1. Opening

a. Roll Call

b. Approval of the Agenda

c. Approval of Minutes

2. Business
a. Case SU-14-22 – Allium Solar
This zoning case pertains to the review of a proposed special use to develop a 5 MW solar
farm that would encompass approximately 32 acres of a 158.48-acre tract of land in an AG,
Agriculture, District located in unincorporated Pontiac.
b. Resolution Opposing Public Act 102-1123
c. Zoning Ordinance Amendments for WECS & Solar – Required under HB4412 Public Act 102-
d. Solid Waste Update
3. Other Issues to Come Before the Committee
4. Public Comment
5. Review and Approval of Bills
6. Adjournment