State Worker Dies Following Dwight Worksite Accident

Scott Galto of Cortland, IL, a 47-year-old engineer at Fox Developmental Center in Dwight was injured in a boiler rupture accident on Friday December 16. He was taken to Morris Hospital before being transported to Loyola Medical Center where he died on December 17.

Details on the accident are unavailable as calls to Administrators at Fox Center have not been returned.

A spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Human Services, Patrick Laughlin, was not forthcoming with details but did provide the following response:

   “At IDHS, we were incredibly saddened by the tragic workplace accidental death of a Fox Developmental Center employee last month. We have sent and continue to send our deepest condolences to the employee’s family. The State’s Employee Assistance Program provided support to Fox’s staff in such a difficult time.  Support for and the well-being of IDHS’s staff and residents guides all that we do.”