Gardner Village Board

Written by Don Phillips
February 13, 2023

Gardner village board met in regular session Monday evening. The meeting opened with the approval of the January 23 meeting minutes and payment of the bills.  All were approved without changes.

Public Comment included questions from a resident regarding purchase of a building in the village for personal use after being advised by the Planning and Zoning board he would need a special use permit to use the building as a garage.  The resident advised he will store antiques cars and build race car chassis, similar in size to 9 feet by 42 inches, with one-cylinder engines.  The use of the building is personal and not commercial.  The sale of the building is being held up awaiting a decision by the village.  Mayor Serena commented the village board would need to discuss with the zoning board before making a decision.  Another resident inquired about residents operating businesses from their houses compared to the person attempting the sell the building.

The board heard from a third resident inquiring about the street lights on south Jackson Street and status of the former Royal Blue building.  Serena commented they are waiting on ComEd on South Jackson, and an engineering study on Royal Blue.

The board discussed and approved the purchase of paint for marking roadways for the Red Carpet Corridor.  Serena commented the village has traditionally purchased the paint with volunteers completing the painting of the street markings.

Commissioner Dick Hileman reported the village has around $350,000 in CD’s due and he is hoping to renew for between 3.5 and 4%.

Commissioner Rob Wolf inquired regarding the Kraus Cable contract, which appears to have auto-renewed for 10 years.  Hileman responded Krause is interested in scheduling a meeting with the village in the coming weeks.

Village Engineer Casey McCollom reported there is a Quiet Zone meeting on February 28 at 10:00am, starting at the Village Hall.

Mayor Serena reported the Red Carpet Corridor will be the first weekend in May and expand to two days this year rather than one.  Serena reported all of the usual activities will be on Saturday and he is working to organize an antique tractor show on that Sunday.

Commissioner Rob Wolfe inquired regarding the Sheriff’s Department reports; Mayor Serena responded the reports are now emailed rather than given in person at the meetings.

Commissioner Dick Hileman reported painting is on-going and the water and sewer plants.  Commissioner Erik Smith inquired regarding the marking of the streets that were resurfaced, Village Engineer Casey McCollom responded the striping is on hold pending the weather.

Coordinating schedules for the Railroad Quite Zone project.  Commissioner Tim Hill inquired regarding the possibility of hours for the horns rather than all-or-nothing.  McCollom responded the village could continue with the quiet zone or abandon the project at any time if the village is not comfortable with the a 24/7 no-horn response from the railroad.  McCollom reported the horn options are outlined in the Federal Register.

The results of the holiday lighting contest were 1st place: Carpenter family, 2nd place: Porchot family, 3rd place: Airgood family.