Dwight Village Board Denies Wind Turbines Within 1.5 Mile Limit

The Dwight Village Board met in Special Session on January 31 in the lower level of the Public Services Complex to consider two resolutions and to take input from the public on a wind farm to be constructed east of Dwight. The proposed wind farm is a joint venture between ConnectGen and Pattern Energy and extends from Dwight on into Kankakee County.

At the January 23rd Village Board Meeting the Energy Firm had asked the Board to consider two resolutions. The first resolution would allow for 17 wind turbines to be constructed within the current 1.5 mile restricted area from village boundaries and the second resolution would establish amounts the Energy Firm would reimburse the Village for allowing the variance. These amounts were originally proposed at $1500 per year per turbine (approximately $25,500 per year) once the units are in operation plus a $10,000 Execution Payment.

The Board opted to delay making a decision on either resolution until community input could be gathered, and scheduled a follow-up meeting for January 31 which allowed for a public question and answer period prior to voting on the resolutions.

With the knowledge there was some concern in the Community about the proximity of the turbines to corporate limits, the resolutions proposed by the Energy Firms were adjusted to reduce the number of contested towers from 17 to 14 and to increase the Community Donation to an Initial amount of $10,000 plus a one time payment of $15,000 per turbine falling within the 1.5 mile threshold.

Mayor Paul Johnson opened the meeting with an overview of the meeting:


Sokesperson Kelly O’Brien from ConnectGen gave a presentation and recapped the project to a full room of interested citizens:

Ms O’Brien continued:


Ms O’Brien continued taxing benefits of the project:

Ms O’Brien pointed out Livingston County residents had voted favorably in support of wind energy:


Further information on the project:

Dwight School Superintendent Josh DeLong recapped the estimated revenue implications to the High School and Grade School:

Dave Hepler from Logan County gives background on his experience with similar wind farm considerations there:

Mayor Johnson outlines how discussions regarding the wind farms developed:

Mayor Johnson describes how Economic Recovery Strategy helps with future planning:

Resident Jennifer Statler gives input on living near wind turbines:

Resident Mike Cornale provides his objection to the 17 turbines:


The Board declines the first resolution by a vote of 3 – 2.