Dwight Village Board – Feb 27, 2023

The Dwight Village Board met on Monday February 27.

Trustees in attendance were Randy Irvin, Marla Kinkade, Pete Meister, and Jenny Johnson. Absent were Justin Eggenberger and Chuck Butterbrodt.

Also at the meeting were Mayor Paul Johnson, Village Adninistrator Kevin McNamara, and Village Attorney Nick Ehrgott.

New Village Administrator Carissa Livingston

In the Committee Reports, the Board took the recommendation of the Administration and Finance Committee and approved the hiring of Carissa Livingston as the new Village Administrator, replacing Kevin McNamara who will be retiring in the near future. Livingston was chosen from a pool of candidate finalists which included Whitney Scott, Tim Henson and Austin Haacke.





EMS Director Michael Callahan reported the new ambulance had arrived.

Chief of Police Mike Nolan reported the new squad car they had on order had been cancelled by Ford and they would be looking for an alternative source.

Director of Public Works Cory Scoles informed the Board posts for the new traffic speed indicators at the schools were on order. Also, the damaged fence at  the Sewer Treatment Plant had been repaired.

The annual Keely Trust Resolution affirming funds were spent to repair sidewalks and roads in 2022 was passed.

Laura Halstead, representing a newly formed Dwight Youth Soccer League, addressed the Board requesting approval to use the grassy area east of the T-ball fields. The Board agreed to the request.

Randy Irvin, representing the Dwight Economic Alliance, gave an overview of the group’s activities.

(L- R) Jake Frobish, Mayor Paul Johnson, Joey Fritsch

Representatives from the Dwight Lions organization, Jake Frobish and Joey Fritsch, were on hand and presented Mayor Johnson with a check for $10,000 earmarked for new playground equipment at Lions Lake. The Village will match the donation to aid the project.