Gardner Village Board

Written by Don Phillips
January 9, 2023

Gardner village board met is regular session Monday evening.  The meeting opened with the approval of the December 12 meeting minutes, payment of the bills, and approval of the November and December Treasure’s report.  All were approved without changes.

On the agenda, Eric Fosnaugh addressed the board regarding a compensation increase for the Planning & Zoning board.  The increase from $25 per meeting to $50 per meeting passed unanimously.

The board revisited the lights on South Jackson St.  Mayor Mike Serena reported the project goes to Planning and Zoning and will commence on approval.  Regarding the property on Depot Street, Mayor Serena reported it is currently being discussed by village and property legal counsel.

Commissioner Rob Wolfe inquired regarding the Sheriff’s Department reports; Mayor Serena responded the reports are now emailed rather than given in person at the meetings.

Commissioner Dick Hileman reported painting is on-going and the water and sewer plants.  Commissioner Erik Smith inquired regarding the marking of the streets that were resurfaced, Village Engineer Casey McCollom responded the striping is on hold pending the weather.

Coordinating schedules for the Railroad Quite Zone project.  Commissioner Tim Hill inquired regarding the possibility of hours for the horns rather than all-or-nothing.  McCollom responded the village could continue with the quiet zone or abandon the project at any time if the village is not comfortable with the a 24/7 no-horn response from the railroad.  McCollom reported the horn options are outlined in the Federal Register.

The results of the holiday lighting contest were 1st place: Carpenter family, 2nd place: Porchot family, 3rd place: Airgood family.