Gardner Grade School Spelling Bee Champs


Gardner Grade School hosted the 2023 GGS Junior High Spelling Bee on Tuesday, January 24th.  Students from grades 6-8th competed in this bee.  Representing 6th grade were Brynn Christensen, Chris Titus, and Ryan Male.  7th grade representatives were Caden Christensen, Case Christensen, and Noah Himes.  8th grade was represented by Aidan Miller, Ella Mack, and Ryan Dennis.  After several rounds of spelling, Ryan Dennis emerged as the 2023 Spelling Bee Champion.   Ryan correctly spelled the word orca to win the title.

Winners of the spelling bee: Left to Right: Caden Christensen (first runner-up), Ryan Dennis (champion), Aidan Miller (2nd runner-up)
Spelling Bee Contestants- Left to Right: Chris Titus, Ryan Male, Noah Himes, Case Christensen, Brynn Christensen, Ella Mack, Caden Christensen, Ryan Dennis, and Aidan Miller



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