Lynn Cahill-Masching, a 1973 graduate of Streator High School, was one of four people inducted into the Dr. Worthy Streator Hall of Fame during its 10th induction ceremony held December 3 at Streator High School.

Cahill-Masching attended SHS from 1969 to 1973, building up an impressive resume while there that included, but was not limited to, being a student council parliamentarian, both a junior and senior class president, a member of the Dolphins synchronized swim club, a proficient German speaker (earning college credits on the subject), and she was also inducted into the National Honor Society. Lynn would go on to earn her Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in criminology and business administration at Indiana State University, then graduated summa cum laude from Illinois State University with a Master of Science Degree in human services. Currently, Cahill-Masching oversees the quality of life for ICE detainees for The Nakamoto Group, Inc. (Rockville, MD).