By Mark Boma

The Dwight Township High School District #230 met Wednesday November 10 to conduct District business.

In Public Comments, Jackie Froelich suggested that the various reports given each week be verbalized rather than just accepted “as reported”. Froelich pointed out people watching the meetings via Zoom would be more informed by hearing the reports spoken. Dr. Richard Jancek replied that the plan in the future was to have the board packets on-line in advance of the meetings.

In further Public Comments, board member Max Sulzberegr brought up for discussion the current district mask policy. He related that watching the University of Illinois basketball the night before on television, very few people in attendance were wearing masks. Sulzberger said parents often ask him when the mask policy might be revised and perhaps it is time for it to be reviewed.

Jancek responded that he was aware some school districts had decided not to follow the Executive Order issued by the Governor, but as long as it was in force, the District would follow the law. Masks would also continue to be required at sporting events.

In Notices, Communications, and Recognitions three recent emails were presented commending Athletic Director Kathy Ferguson and the High School students and staff on their hosting of the Regional Volleyball Tournament. High marks and kudos were given by parents, officials, and administrators from participating schools on how the event was handled and the conduct of Dwight students in attendance.

In the Athletic Director’s report, Ferguson informed the Board that there had been interest expressed in a Trap Shooting Team and it was being explored.

Jancek reported that he was looking at ways to enhance communication between administrators and bus drivers on their routes. The district covers a lot of area and there are spots where communication is difficult. A request had been presented to the Village of Dwight to place communication devices on top of a water tower. The request was declined due to regulations and safety issues. The next option will be to look at placing these devices on light posts on school grounds.

In New Business, three new course offerings were approved for the 2022 – 23 school year: Art Department, Digital Photography; Ag Department, Farm to Fork; and Science Department, AP Physics.

Much of the remaining portion of the meeting surrounded the annual Equalized Assessed Valuation levy. Discussion centered on how the reduction of the levy might be reduced by various amounts and how this may impact future capital projects. It was decided that before any official decision on setting the levy, the board would meet and tour the High School facility to assess and prioritize needs. This meeting was set for December 1 at 4 p.m.

The Board then went into Executive Session to discuss pending litigation. No official action followed.

Board members in attendance at the November 10 meeting were Tim Henson, Max Sulzberger, Kevin Berta, Joel Sandeno, Eric Scheuer, and Susan Legner. Absent was Paul Warner.

The Board will next meet in regular session on December 8