A 41-meter (134.5 feet) tall wind turbine was erected at the ALDI warehouse in Dwight during November. It will become operational early in 2021 and provide up to 40% of the company’s electrical power. The Dwight wind turbine is the first in the ALDI system in the United States, where the company has some 2,000 stores and plans to grow to 2,500 stores by 2022. Heather Moore, ALDI Dwight Division Vice President, said, “This wind turbine installation is reflective of our ongoing efforts to expand our renewable energy portfolio at ALDI and become a more sustainable retailer.” The diameter of the turbine’s rotor blades is 41 meters (134.5 feet), matching the height of the turbine. Approximately 66 stores are being supplied from the Dwight warehouse. The ALDI warehouse at One ALDI Drive has been a part of the Dwight community for 17 years. It currently has 275 warehouse employees. With the departure of LSC Communications the end of December, ALDI becomes Dwight’s largest employer. The Fox Development Center currently has 259 employees.