It is basketball time everywhere, and it is most definitely basketball time in Dwight, Illinois. The 8th grade basketball team has advanced to the state tournament, cementing them as a top 4 team in the state. I just wanted to quickly give a shout out to that team and also Joe Stevenson, who is basically the Greg Popovich, Bill Belichick, you name the coach, but he’s that of coaching 8th grade basketball. He’s been doing it for a long time, and he’s been nothing but great at it. I just attempted to find the exact number of regional and sectional titles that Joe has won but I was having trouble navigating the site. I can assure you that he’s won quite a few of them, and has won quite a few games just on their own, regionals aside. He’s been a staple in the Dwight basketball community, and it means something to have stability, as that helps create great teams at the high school level too. I feel bad that my class was not able to bring a Regional title with him as the coach, but we ran into Fieldcrest and they had a kid who was 6’4 and 200+ pounds as an 8th grader, so that made it rather difficult to beat them. But nonetheless, congrats to this team, and congrats to “Coach Joe” on another great season, and another great addition to his forever growing great basketball coaching resume.



Aaron J. Boma 2016 ISU Graduate