Try New Things

If someone were to ask me if I’m a person that takes a lot of risks, or a person who tries new things, I would say that I’m on the “I don’t try new things” side of the chart. With this weekend I did a few first things that I hadn’t yet done while living in the city of Chicago. The first thing that I knocked off my imaginary bucket list was attending a comedy show at a place exclusively for comedy. In this case the show I attended was at the Laugh Factory and it featured Jeremy Piven who is from Chicago, and is most well-known for his lead role in the TV show Entourage. It was the first time, and truthfully, the show was a little underwhelming, the openers that he had were very funny, but he was not the best. Granted, this was his first time doing standu

p, but I’m not sure it’s the route to bring him the big bucks. The environment, and the buzz surrounding the show was great, it was exactly what I would have wanted and hoped for walking into a venue that exclusively holds comedy events. The other thing, and much bigger thing if I’m being honest, pertained to food. I tried Ethiopian food for the first time, and my goodness, I don’t think I’ve ever left a meal being as full as I was after eating that. As I soon discovered, one of the common ways to eat Ethiopian food is to eat it family style out of these giant plates, and then you pick up the pieces of meat with this little pancake like bread stuff. That’s my best description of the food that I was eating, I truthfully wasn’t that sure of what I was eating, I know that there was some lamb on the plate, and I think possibly some chicken, too, but again, can’t even confirm, I was going in blindly and very much enjoying what I was eating. Which unfortunately, leaves me unable to provide any suggestions as to what to order if you go to an Ethiopian restaurant, but I just know that you should go. To wrap it all up though, try new things. I’ve been trying to do it more, and turns out, it’s usually fun.

Aaron J. Boma 2016 ISU Graduate

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