Winter Olympics

The closing ceremonies for the winter Olympics just happened, and I have to be honest, I’m not that sad to see them go. I’m not sure what it was this year, but there just wasn’t that buzz that you normally find surrounding the Olympics. I think it’s tough to pinpoint, but it just didn’t get me as excited as it normally does. I think the NHL not allowing their players to play in the Olympics took away some of the buzz. The NHL, right there with baseball, has the most foreign-born players playing in its league, so it only makes sense to have them included. The biggest thing that this held back is the USA – Canada game that is usually the showcase of the winter Olympics, and without that, it just didn’t bring me in. The summer Olympics, for example, have all of the swimming events and for the past three or four Olympics, Michael Phelps has dominated those. Everyone is tuning in when Michael Phelps is competing. The one that arguably got the most publicity was the United States curling team. (That’s the sport where they sweep the ice with what looks like a broom.) As exciting as curling is, if that’s the sport that’s leading the headlines, it’s easy to see why the Olympics just weren’t quite all that for me this year. I think the obvious fix is that the NHL needs to let their players play, the Olympics desperately need it, and I think that fans really want to see it too. Here’s to hoping the NHL changes their policy regarding their players, and that the summer Olympics have a little more excitement behind them than these winter games. Aaron J. Boma 2016 ISU Graduate

Author: paper