Sustained Excellence

Sustained Excellence. It’s what everyone, anywhere, in any profession strives to have.  It’s also something, that when you see other people have it, you want to have it yourself.
This is leading right into yet another column about football, and more specifically the New England Patriots. They’re the best organization in sports, with maybe the San Antonio Spurs close behind, but in terms of specifically football, they’re miles ahead of any other team in the league.
The last time that the New England Patriots did not make the AFC championship game, which is the game that decides who goes to the Super Bowl, I was a sophomore in high school. I didn’t even have my driver’s license at that point. They’ve been a top-2-team in a conference for longer than I have been able to legally operate an automobile.
There was also a moment last night when the Patriots head coach, Bill Belechick was handed the trophy that is given to the team that wins the AFC championship game, and he took it, held it for maybe 3 seconds, and handed it on to the son of the owner of the team, almost completely disregarding it entirely.
That little action unto itself shows a lot about the culture there and how they operate, people, teams, organizations who win, and are successful at what they do, only want the top spot, by winning the AFC you’re just one of the best two teams, there is still something to accomplish, and just that little gesture says so much about where their heads are, and what their goals are as a team. There’s still another step to take, and while this is exciting, and something that isn’t easy to do, there’s more to be done.
There are countless other stats that are incredible that I could list about the Patriots, and then some that are specific to the head coach and the quarterback, but they all drive home the same point. Sustained excellence. It’s incredibly hard to achieve and it’s a treat to watch it unfold.
          Aaron J. Boma
2016 ISU Graduate
Author: paper