It’s about that time we venture into Christmas music, which I believe is all too early, but for whatever reason the second the calendar turns to November 1st all rules change and the music starts. The month of November in my world is awful, it takes basically an entire week out of being able to work on any sort of loan that closes after Thanksgiving, or any that is scheduled for the week before. It becomes incredibly difficult because you lose basically half a work week, and must operate around a bunch of different schedules to get everything lined up. In most people’s world though, it’s just an appetizer for the big month of December, with December you get Christmas, and New Year’s Eve packed into not only one month, but one week. November is a little tamer in that there’s only one holiday to celebrate, Thanksgiving, not as overbearing as that last week in December can be. I do think because of this Thanksgiving gets completely overlooked, and is underappreciated as a holiday because everyone always seems to have their eyes on the next one. Whether it be Black Friday, the Christmas music, the fact it’s usually snowing by that point, everyone is on to Christmas before it’s even act

ually here. I think that it’s time that Thanksgiving really get the respect that it deserves. For one, the holiday, albeit is supposed to be centered around the pilgrims nd the Indians, in 2017 it’s centered around food. It’s centered around eating so much food that you fall asleep eating the food. The idea of Thanksgiving is to just eat, eat, eat. I think that should give it the #1 spot in the power rankings of holidays. It’s basically Christmas, but you don’t have to worry about getting anyone gifts, it’s like Christmas without the stress of Christmas. Christmas’ cool uncle. The food as a whole is usually better at Thanksgiving too, for whatever reason. The Christmas dishes always get toned down a little bit, and I think it’s the saddest thing, beef up the options, give me dressing on dressing. I want it all. This is just a plea to have Thanksgiving respected, hold it as high as you do Christmas, and the other holidays surrounding it. Thanksgiving deserves love, too.


Aaron J. Boma 2016 ISU Graduate

Author: paper