My Favorite Weekend of the Year

This weekend was my favorite weekend of the year, and the reason is simply because of a time change. This weekend was daylight saving time, and we moved the clocks an hour back. I saw a lot of rumblings online and elsewhere that we should move away from the daylight saving system, and not have one at all. There are a few states that have adopted this, mostly out west, like Arizona, Hawaii, places that already get an abundance of sunshine throughout the day. I get why they haven’t changed their daylight hours operate on a different schedule than that of a midwestern state in early November. Personally, given my schedule, which most days involves getting up at 6:15 to go to the gym, I really like the move. Before I would get up, and it would feel like it was pretty much the middle of the night, but in reality, it’s only 6:30. I would much rather have that sunlight start to creep through the windows at that time than have it be kind of bright out until, say, 5:30 at night. I think another factor that has to come into play is kids going to school in the morning. It’s a lot better environment where it’s already light out, especially for kids who might have to get to the bus stop at 7, or even earlier. The downside is obviously less daylight in the latter half of the day, but I think more people need it in the earlier hour than in the latter hours. I’m all for it, keep it, it serves its purpose, it gets me an extra hour of sleep one weekend a year, I have no complaints.

Aaron J. Boma

2016 ISU Graduate

Author: paper